December 19, 2014

Holiday Perfection

I sometimes think I'm guilty of posting and sharing pictures of only the cute and fun - like when Finn is comforting Mary when she cries (like he did today), instead of also sharing the not cute and not fun - like when Finn threw himself on the floor with big crocodile tears because I walked down the stairs before him (like he did today).

So, let me tell you about my day.

It started off as most days do in that we were running late. Finn's class was decorating gingerbread houses today and invited all the parents. So  I didn't even have to pack his lunch as it would be provided, and yet I still couldn't get out the door on time. Part of our delay was due to the sippy cup  I found stashed in the cabinet we keep the water bottles and as I opened it pleading, "please be water, please be water" I discovered that it was not water, but rather milk. Chunky, curdling, milk. I literally was gagging putting in the sink (to deal with later), and thinking I should have just thrown it away. Because we were already late, Mary left the house in her jammies and we headed to drop Finn off at school. Afterwards, I went to the park to workout (and change Mary in to some normal clothes) allowing just a smidge of time between my workout and when I would need to be back at school for Finn's party. That smidge of time did not allow for me to go home and shower, but hey, that's what deodorants for, right?

When I get to Finn's school (on time! with the juice boxes I signed up to bring!) I was the only parent who brought another child, and probably the only who who hadn't showered. I don't think the workout clothes gave off the "active" mom vibe, but more of a "hot mess" vibe. Whatever.

After a story they had lunch which was pizza and my child couldn't be bothered to eat all of his, so I ate the rest - again, probably the only one who ate their kids' leftovers, but in his defense it wasn't that great and I realized that it was from Whole Foods and therefore probably a gluten and dairy free pizza or something.

Then it was time to decorate gingerbread houses and here's what I've discovered - teachers wait to do this activity on the last day of school so they can invite the parents for some "holiday fun" but really, I think the teachers know that it's a total pain in the ass and we are just going to up the dollar amount on the Starbucks gift cards we gift them because they are the ones who have to do these crafts every week with the kids - and not just your kid, but all the other little messy, snotty, germ factory kids who are in the same class.

I only had to worry about helping Finn decorate his house, and it made me want to day drink. Mary was losing her mind in ergo, but also would not let me put her down. I tried nursing her, but she wasn't interested, so while Finn was making what was undoubtedly the ugliest gingerbread house, I was psychotically rocking Mary back and forth telling Finn, "sure" when he asked if he could eat his 80th gummy bear.  The little girl across from Finn had both mommy and daddy there to help - daddy even put shingles on the roof of her gingerbread house - shingles! And her mom made sure she didn't get frosting on her adorable smocked Christmas dress with matching bow. Finn had frosting on his pants, hands, cheeks, and hair. Then there were the families taking pictures that I'm sure will get hashtaged at least three times with something horribly obnoxious and borderline pretentious like  #soblessed or #ilovechristmas.

As we left (all the while Mary was screaming) another mom handed me a cute, Pinteresty, Christmas goody from her son -  making me want to shout, "oh, come on!" but instead I smiled and thanked her and hustled out as fast as I could. I have no clue when she had the time to make them, but I'm willing to bet she won't go home to a curdled milk sippy cup in her sink. When we got to the car I had to wrestle Mary in to her carseat - that little meatball is strong! And I told Finn he could have the candy cane he shoved into his pocket before leaving.

Now we are home and the kids are napping and I'm thinking I should address the sippy cup situation, or maybe even shower, but will probably just eat some ugly gingerbread house instead.

Nailed it.

December 16, 2014

To Mary, On Your First Birthday

Dear Mary,

  In the hours before I would be induced with you, I rubbed my belly and talked to you. I said that I thought you were a girl, though didn't care either way - I just needed you to arrive safely. You kicked in reassurance that you were ok, and later that night, you arrived safe and sound and perfectly healthy.

You were born on a Monday, just like both your brothers and weighed right in the middle of their weights at 6 pounds and 12 ounces. You were beautiful and pudgy and had the most hair of any of our babies. Your brother Finley met you the following day. He knew all along that mommy was going to have a baby sister for him. He was gentle and loving with you, and a year later he still is. You are so lucky to have him and we are so glad you two have one another.

We got to bring you home the following night. Tuesday December 17th. A friend stayed with Finn who was already asleep and Daddy put Jackson Browne's "She's Got to Be Somebody's Baby"  on in the car. I will always think of you when I hear that song.

And then we were home. And our family became more complete and special because of you. We started to navigate life with more than one child - something we had dreamed of for a very long time. We readjusted to life with a newborn, and let the (wonderful) surprise of having a baby girl sink in -though I'm not entirely it has sunk in fully for your dad :)

Before you were even a month old your daddy had to deploy. He's gone again and while he is sad not to be here as you celebrate your first birthday, I hope that one day you grow up to be as proud of him as I am.

I hope you realize early how much your whole family loves you. Your brother is starting to get a little protective of his toys now that you are on the move, and will warn me when "Mary's playing with dat!" but he offers you a different toy instead, though you much prefer whatever he is playing with, or at the very least being near him while he plays.

He helps take care of you and comfort you and last night as I tucked him in to bed, he said he would always protect you so you don't get scared of monsters.

The other day in the car, you started to fuss and he simply said, "it's ok Mary, we are almost home." He tickles you and likes to feed you and my sincere hope is that you two always love one another the way you do now.

You crawl fast and are pulling up on things, but showing now signs of walking just yet and I'm ok with that. You've helped remind me that we all, babies especially, do things in our our own time. You love to eat, and have the most delicious chub to prove it.

Your nicknames are Meatball (because again - your thighs are the best), Puppy (because you always stick out your tongue and pant when you're excited), and MA (just like your Nana). You literally squeal with delight when I vacuum and try your best to catch it while it's moving.

In your first year you have lived in two states and three different houses. If Daddy stays in the military, you may as well get used to that! You rip your socks off constantly - even if it's cold out, and your hair gets awesomely curly when it's humid.

 You wake up happy most of the time (I wish I could say the same for your brother - or myself, for that matter!). You smile with your whole face and love to play peek-a-boo, love baths, and love to splash in Roscoe's water bowl, much to my chagrin.

You can no longer be bothered with diaper changes - making them a challenge for both of us, though I always win (much to your chagrin).

You eat with one foot propped up, enthusiastically welcoming each bite.

And you have the cutest curls on the side of your head, that I joke make you look like a Hasidic Jew.

I sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to you each night before bed, and every night you rest your head and your body against mine - giving me a few precious moments to soak you in before I put you down.

It has been an honor and a joy watching you grow. We love you so much and I sometimes still can't believe our good fortune that you are our baby girl.

I wish you many, many, many more healthy and happy years.

Happy Birthday, Mary Adelaide - I love you.



(if you're really in the sentimental mood, as I am, you can re-watch Mary's birth video here)


December 12, 2014

Family Pictures {Fall 2014}

Now that our Christmas cards are out, I wanted to share the family pictures we took in October before Miles went on an "extended business trip." We had them taken in Forsyth Park which is the biggest park in downtown Savannah. I'm there several times a week with my stroller gang (mommy workout group), and just love it. It has great playgrounds, a beautiful fountain, splash pad in the summer, a stage for various events, the prettiest trees and plants, oh and a Starbucks! Our pictures were taken by a young woman just starting her photography career. She had a great rate and didn't take long and managed to get several pictures I really love.

Smile, Mary!
Now Smile, Finn! 


December 9, 2014

Cute Videos of Cute Kids

I haven't uploaded any videos lately, so here are several from the last few weeks.

This one is Mary just giggling at. . . who knows what! I started recording kinda late, and ignore the vacuum cord in front of her (because my vacuum was out since I'm always busy keeping my house so clean. Rrrrriighttt.) But she was just so precious and sweet. And also, please know that she does not seem to mind the hard wood floors one bit and will crawl all over them and then decide she just wants to lay on them. Weirdo.

Here's Finn sporting his safety goggles, fireman's hat, and maraca. He was telling me all about a fire that needed to be put out and I caught the tale end of it:

Mary was anxious to get in on the bath action:

Finn was showing our friend Michelle how a robot dances:

This last one is a little bit older (early October?) as we had just moved (hence the ladder and the boxes everywhere), but I started recording because the kids were playing together. Finn was hiding behind a box and Mary was giggling and then would move it to find him and he would giggle and oh, my gosh my heart just wanted to explode with gratitude that I have kids (plural!) who can play with one another. We are so, so lucky to have them and they are so lucky to have each other:

And last, but not least. . . real life. I was starting to take a video of Mary, but Finn interjected:


December 2, 2014

What Are You Getting Your Kids for Christmas?

Last year we decided to stick to the "Something you want, something you need. Something to wear, Something to read" idea for the kids' Christmas gifts and will again this year. I realize that may become difficult as they get older and become greedy little boogers, but for now it's fairly easy to stick to. Besides, they are plenty spoiled by friends and family, so Mom and Dad (err, I mean Santa) can be cheap. It's a little harder to not want to buy Finn a lot of gifts since I know exactly what he likes and would get excited about, but Mary - girl could (and probably will) get puffs and she will be happy.

Besides, I can "cheat" and get a little extra for them as stocking stuffers. Finn is getting a $5 Curious George DVD and a spin toothbrush in his stocking and probably some Christmas candy, but what should I put in Mary's? She loves the Happy Baby Teething Waffers, but I'm having a hard time finding them - they have been sold out the last two times I've checked. What else do you put in an (almost!) on year old's stocking? Any ideas?

As far as their gifts, here is what we've got so far:

Want: Soccer ball
Need: A new carseat? I just ordered this for him, but he's only getting one because Mary needs a new one and is getting his hand me down. So this doesn't seem like a good "need" gift for him.
Wear: Two adorable little sweaters I got at Target last week when they did their 40% off clothing deal.
Read: Little Blue Truck's Christmas

Want: Again, all I can think is food! Meatball doesn't have many wants in life.
Need: All I have for this is a new bath spout cover. But that's a lame "need". Any better ideas?
Wear: The cutest Navy and gold polka dot dress and a few other little Target finds
Read: Madeline's Christmas (I loved Madeline as a girl, and am hoping Mary will as well!)

So, I would love some ideas for what can be Mary's "want" and "need" gifts as well as a "need" idea for Finn. What are you getting your kid(s) for Christmas? Do you limit yourself or is Santa overly generous at your house?