May 19, 2015

Butt Wiping and Other Milestones

*For a little over a week, Finn has been wiping his own butt and more importantly, doing a pretty good job at it! Hallelujah!

*Mary took a few steps the day before Mother's Day. Then this past weekend she took several more. More yesterday, more today, and so on. She's not preferring walking as her mode of transportation yet, but she's getting there. She had an OT assessment last week since she is a little slow to the walking game, but she scored in the normal range of all areas assessed and didn't qualify for services. It's always nice to be reassured there are no red flags.

*Mary turned 17 months old this past weekend. She still nurses about 2-3 times a day and while I'm so glad we have made it to this point, we are taking it day by day. I don't think I have much milk left, and when I do the Run Across Georgia this weekend I will be away from her for two days. My body doesn't respond to the pump anymore, so I'm afraid two days off may close up shop. We'll see.

*Speaking of the Run Across Georgia, I met my original fundraising goal (largely thanks to a builder in Columbus, GA who wanted to sponsor us and dropped 2k in my fundraising account!) but also because of my amazingly generous friends and family. I upped my goal to $5,000 and am ALMOST there! If you're reading this and have donated, thank you so, so much! And if you'd still like to donate, you can here. The run is this weekend.

*I can tell that the run is close because I had a toenail fall off last night. I have three nails that took a beating from a half marathon I did in March, then the training for RAG hasn't helped matters any. At any rate, it will be a loooong time before I get another pedicure. Losing a toenail isn't really a milestone, but whatever.

*Speaking of losing things, Finn was talking about Mary getting a tooth and I told him how he would start to lose his teeth in a few years. He paused, then said, "that doesn't sound good."

*Finn's fourth birthday is in a few weeks (what the what?!) and I think we are going to have a little beach get together. I may make it a "beach construction" theme, as he is requesting a digger on his birthday cake yet again. The other day he said he wanted a digger with tracks (last year the digger had wheels - my bad). Though there probably won't be much theme related stuff other than a cake (or cupcakes) and a bunch of construction toys for digging in the sand.

*Cale's fifth birthday is at the end of June (even harder to believe than it is Finn turning four) and I don't know what I want to do that day. Five seems so big. It is so big. I know we will continue the tradition we started last year of a family picnic somewhere and of course some birthday treat, but it doesn't seem like enough for five.

*Mary has a speech therapy assessment next week (the program evaluating her for any potential delays does assessments in all areas) and while I wish her language included more frequent "Mama" and "Dada" usage, she is starting to say "bra-bur" (brother) which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.


May 11, 2015

Reflections on Mother's Day

I gave very little thought to Mother's Day this year. Such little thought that my card for my own mother has yet to be mailed. Honestly I prefer for it to mostly be just a normal day. Well, that's a lie - I mean, I'm more than willing to take advantage of Mile's offer for me to partake in some solo shopping, and am more than fine relinquishing all diaper changing for the day, but for the most part I don't like to make a big deal of the day. Everything I wrote last year still holds true. Every day I think of Cale. But that ache is a little more acute on Mother's Day, the emotions a little closer to the surface.

I still had a lovely day with my family - we went to church and then indulged in a breakfast and a half at our favorite breakfast joint (I ordered huevos avocados and we split the banana pecan french toast) and then I ditched the family for a trip to the outlets and grocery shopping (because going without kids actually is a treat).

One thing that stood out to me this year was the tenderness in which people seemed to handle the day. I think there is more of a socially acceptable acknowledgement of what Mother's Day means to different people. I'm glad the day is handled with such empathy, via social media or news outlets, and I hope it makes people feel a little less alone. I hope it makes people feel a little less afraid to share the grief that can be associated with Mother's Day. As Glennon Melton with Momastery said:

 You can’t fix a friend's grief, but that’s okay because grief isn’t supposed to be fixed. It’s not something we need to grab from each other. Grief is holy. Your friend doesn’t want it taken away from her. Sometimes a mama’s boundless grief is the only proof she has that she loved boundlessly. Great grief is the price of great love. So forget about making it better. Just call, or email and say: I am thinking of you. And of your baby. And I love you. And I’m so sorry. You are not alone.
That’s all, That’s all we can do. We don’t have to make it better. We just have to remember.

It's good advice to remember on Mother's Day, but great advice to remember always and I'm so grateful to those who remembered with me this year and hope that the day was as gentle as possible for those with some aching in their hearts.

May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mary-o

My sister got Mary this cute little dress and I'm so glad I was still able to (just barely) get it over her noggin so I could subject her to these pictures. Man, did she make me work for them though. Also, she was standing like a boss!

shake, shake, shake
Ok, so don't shake this thing that rattles and is designed to be shaken? Right. . .
Oh look, Roscoe is here. I'll smile at him, not at you.
Yeah, seriously I wasn't kidding - are you still taking pictures?
Ok ok, I'll give you one goofy smile.
You thinking changing things up will get me to smile more?
Well ok, but only if I can blow you a kiss.
When's dinner?
Over it, Ma. Give it a rest.

April 25, 2015

The Time I Decided to Run Across Georgia

Alternate Title: This may not be one of my better ideas

So I am signed up to run across the state of Georgia in about four weeks time. Fortunately I'm not attempting it solo, but as part of a relay team made up of other Stroller Strong Moms (my workout stroller gang). There was a team in Columbus, GA up and running (literally) preparing for this race, but they ended up needing another member and ever so kindly asked me to join. We will have 40 hours to complete the 260 miles (my share of the run will end up being about 28 miles).

The run will take place over Memorial Day Weekend and I've been training a decent amount though have many more miles I need to log between now and then.The Run Across Georgia is an event put on as part of a fundraiser for the House of Heroes, a local non-profit that helps do repairs and maintenance on homes of veterans and their spouses/widows (some of whom have disabilities and need the physical help just as much as the financial help). It's definitely a great cause and one I can get behind for at least 28 miles. At the bottom of this blog is a link to my fundraising page and I would be so grateful for any donation. Your donation truly will go towards supporting Veterans and is something to be proud of. Even though I'm fairly new to the team and the race is only a month away, I'm setting my fundraising goal at $4,000 and appreciate any amount you could donate to help me reach that goal. Thank you in advance for your support.

Help me raise money for the House of Heroes by clicking here!


April 16, 2015

An Impromptu Non-Birthday Celebration

Mary turned 16 months old today.

It also happens to be the 16th, and the only reason I know that is because yesterday was tax day. Otherwise I was likely to forget the date, but when I realized the coincidence I decided it would be fun to do something to mark this sudo-mini-golden-sweet-sixteen non-birthday.

So cake it was! Well, cupcakes to be honest, and thankfully that's because I had a mix that only made six cupcakes and seeing as though I'll be eating most of them it's best I not make a whole cake anyway.

The helper and the supervisor

Tonight is Miles' last night of a crappy schedule that keeps him away at nights and fortunately Finn has been leaps and bounds better than last week, so it was kinda nice for all of us to do something fun. I was planning to make salmon and zucchini, but opted for pizza and a smoothie to accompany our cupcakes instead. It was the right decision.

I put Mary's gold crown headband on that she wore on her birthday (her real birthday) because it's a shame she doesn't get to wear it more often. However when Finn saw he asked if Mary was turning two tonight, so I explained we were just sort of pretending it was her birthday and that it's fun to have any excuse to make cupcakes.

He licked the frosting a few times then was done. Quitter.
Not a quitter.