January 4, 2011


'2011' just sounds weird. But I think I have those same feeling every year. Really, it's just a little odd to not be in 2010 anymore. I think it's great to be moving forward and to have entered 2011 with lots to look forward to, but 2010 will always stand out as Cale's year in my mind. So it's a little sad to be further away from that, but in time it won't be as sad and 2010 will be special because of him. After we got back from our trips out to Arizona and California I was weeding through our mail and my sweet friend Amy sent the most thoughtful card. In it she said, "when you look back on this year and remember Cale, may you find him a blessing and his life a gift." It was perfect and touching and exactly what I always want for him.
I have some wonderful friends :)

Back to 2010 though. . .  we finished the year out in Arizona and then California. While in Arizona we went to the Insight Bowl where Iowa upset the #12 Missouri. My mom, in addition to being the most patriotic person ever (see last post), is also the biggest Iowa fan ever.

My mom's friend Cindy (also an Iowa grad) attended the game with us. These two ladies were in Hawk Heaven.
Kate - we'll photo shop you in this picture for the Christmas cards mom never sends out :)

In California we went tot he Rose Bowl which, despite Wisconsin's loss, was a really fun event. I'd definitely go again. The parade, the tailgating, and just the overall excitement made it a really fun day. We also had a great time with Miles' brother and wife, and their far-too-cute 15 month old as well as Miles' parents.

Pregnant wife = built in DD

New Years Eve.
Excited that 2011 will be this baby's year.
This picture probably could make a Packer fan out of anyone! If not, there's something wrong with you.


  1. Caroline, you look adorable!!

    2010 will always be Cale's year in my mind too : )

  2. HAha! Where the heck did those shoes come from!