May 4, 2011

Here's Hoping . . .

I'm very excited to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom. One day. Hopefully.

I will stop working in March of next year, so if all goes well, our little one will be about nine months old at that time. He'll be about two months when I go back to work after maternity leave, so it will only be about seven months that we'll have to utilize daycare. I know that first day of bringing our baby to daycare will be really hard. I'll probably be a hot mess. Yet after my maternity leave was up last year, the hardest thing about going back to work was that I didn't get to put a baby in daycare. Oh the irony.

If we don't go the Nanny route, we have been very fortunate to already have a spot at a local daycare that I recently toured and really liked. When they called to tell me they had an opening for August (when I'll return to work), I was very happy - after all, I was only on the wait list but a few days! But as I went today to pay our registration fee and guarantee our spot, part of me wanted to ask "what's your refund policy? Ya know, in case I don't have a baby to put in daycare come August." But I decided, in my ongoing effort to remain positive and stay hopeful, I won't ask. Now if only I could not even think those thoughts . . . baby steps I suppose (no pun intended).

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