July 31, 2011

Do I want the iPhone?

Well, I suppose the better question is do I need the iPhone? And really, the answer is no. So maybe that's not the better question, just the more practical one. Miles and I have never been too concerned with having the most up-to-date phone. We currently have this bad boy:

And this was our upgrade from the Razor in 2009. Yes, people (at least two) still owned the Razor in 2009. But when we got this phone, we opted to just get it plain Jane style with no data plan. We never felt the need to be so connected to everything at all times. If I want my email, I'll check it at work or at home. If I want to get on the internet, I'll do it at work or at home. Which brings me to my current dilemma. I want the iPhone. I do like some of the features. But I really don't need them.  Sure, I know it'll be convenient (especially when traveling), but really isn't it a little sickening to always be so connected at all times?

Another reason I'm tentative to get a new phone is that I have some old text messages saved on my phone from when Cale was born and shortly after. Just some sweet words of sympathy, love and support that friends and family sent that I re-read from time to time. I don't plan on deleting them, and don't like the idea of not having them on my phone. Silly? Maybe a little, but when you have so little (material-wise) to remember your child, you hang on to everything. I was telling Miles about this as he said he also has some saved texts. One of them is from me which reads, "what time are you thinking about heading in to work?" It was sent at 8:54am on June 28, 2010. About an hour later he would be meeting me at the hospital where we'd learn that our son had passed away. Maybe it's not "healthy" to hang on to those things, but it's also just hard to part with.

Bet you didn't think I'd be able to relate getting a new phone to baby loss huh? Just another example of how much it takes over every facet of your life I suppose.

But back to the phone ordeal. What do you smart phone users have to say? Is the iPhone worth the hype? Is it really worth it to have all those features? Is it worth the cost? What is the average cost for a 2-person family plan? Sell it to me people! And for now, I think I'll stall in the decision making by waiting for the iPhone 5. And when that comes out, I'll go back and forth on whether or not I should get it.


  1. Caroline, I totally get what you mean. I have several texts from March 20th and the days following that I won't get rid of. Now...my thoughts on the iPhone. I do love my iPhone. It has so many cool apps and features, and it's cute. But there is something good to only being able to check email and internet at home and work. I guess it's a double-edged sword. But...I'm a sucker for my iPhone. Pink case and all.

  2. Hmm, toughie...I have a love/hate relationship with mine (Android). Love all the features, easy upload of pics of the kids, and pretty much everything else about it. HATE that it has become completely addictive. To the point that we had to make a no phones at the dinner table rule (the kids started asking where they were the one night...eek). Our 2 person Verizon data plan is about 180/m (Peter has a BB), not sure how it compares but we don't pay for other phone service in the house. Just be prepared for it to become another appendage, you might start auto-surfing FB when you wake up in the middle of the night!

  3. P.S. I still have voicemail messages from my boyfriend Peter from 2005;) Which was 3 phones ago. So yes, pretty sure you can transfer anything you need.

  4. I completely understand about texts and voicemails. I still have several from my father that I just don't want to delete. Voicemails should transfer and texts I ended up sending to a friend and had them send them back so I still had the content. As for the smart phone...I have the DROID Professional and absolutely love it; I like to have the "ability" to check emails (your blog) or facebook at the drop of a hat. Data packages are getting a little excessive price wise but with the amount of data I use I definitely get my money worth. Good luck on your decision to cross over to the darks side of smart phones :)

  5. I also have the droid and let me just say that once you have internet and email access at the tip of your fingers, there's no going back. Just be prepared to be at least semi-addicted in a few months time for no good reason. Obviously you've been getting by without it but you'll find yourself always wanting to know what's going on all of a sudden.

    I know what you mean about the texts though. I don't get them, but I do have personal emails from last year that I won't delete. And when I returned to work, I had to delete all my messages from before I left cause there were things like telling people I was about be out for 12 weeks and who to contact in my absence and even some that I had received the very morning Victoria was stillborn but no one had a clue yet. :(

  6. I'm a little embarrassed to type this, but I have a Nokia. As in, no data plan whatsoever and a 1-inch screen.

    I never saw need for a data plan myself and decided it was too much cost than I thought it was worth. My work schedule is flexible and I am always around a computer. I'd rather justify the extra $100 a month to dinners out or something. Not that we can't afford both, but I'm always been pretty frugal and money-conscious. I'd prefer to spend less than we make to keep things normal and save cash.

    But with that said, my husband DOES have a BB for work. So when we travel and don't have the laptop with us, I have his BB to check email. It's 3G, so I don't check blogs since it can't handle the data. But at least I can check urgent messages or look up addresses, etc.

    I want an iPhone, too, but still can't justify it. However, I will be getting an iPad this fall just because I want one. Not sure if I will be getting the data plan or just the wireless capability since so many places are wireless now. We'll have to see. Probably won't since I'm cheap. ;)

  7. Don't have one, but I want one! I have Sprint service, though so I can't have one. :( I do loooooove my smartphone though (android LG phone). I read most of my blogs from it! :)

  8. Caroline, I use a BB currently, have for years, and am quite fond of it. My husband recently got the iphone, and I have to say, it is pretty awesome! I have been thinking about getting an iphone for a good month now. The browser works like a real computer, most of the time. One really cool app is Facetime - think Skype, but no bulky laptop computer! Please keep us posted on your decision.

  9. Bottom line - if you ARE going to get a smart phone with data plan - then go for the iPhone. I have had a Blackberry, a HTC Droid and now an iPhone and it is the BEST. Literally, nothing even comes close to this phone. Everything works, all the time and the user experience is amazing. Everything just flows! Its great to pull up shopping lists, coupons, baby information on the fly, applications, GPS, Face-time when you and Miles are away from each other...the list goes on and on.

    Solution for your text messages - I'd say to text them to Miles and then have him text them back once you get the new phone?? Just a suggestion as I know what you mean.

    And yes... wait for the 5!

  10. I went from the very ghetto LG envy to the Iphone. I didn't want to add the cost, but I had to make a choice to get on with the Verizon unlimited data plan because they were doing away with it. So I now have the Iphone and...I love it. It's silly to be so in love with a phone, but it just does everything.

    My love affair with this phone my be over rated, but so much of my life is shitty and sad that I figure if I get THIS much joy from a phone then, it's totally worth it. I say if you can afford it you should do it.

    My favorite app so far is one that turns pictures into sketches. I turned a ton of Addi's pics into sketches and it made me love the phone even more :)