August 21, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action

This post is for Aunt Kate who has been anxiously awaiting some video of Finley. Since I've yet to post any, here are many. Probably too many for one post, but egh, whatever - you don't have to watch them (but if you don't there's something wrong with you, because quite frankly, he's adorable) I've put them in age order  . . . enjoy!

3 1/2 Weeks Old - 7/6/2011
In a milk coma wanting to fall asleep, but has the hiccups

 5 1/2 Weeks Old - 7/22/2011
Finn sporting his fin onesie (courtesy of Aunt Kate)

8 Weeks - 8/8/2011
Cute baby sneeze.
(The sound is a little muffled on this video and it's a little harder to hear than the others)

9 Weeks Old - 8/15/2011
Almost every time we put Finley in his swing, he stares out of it as if he's looking up at the mantle in the direction of a sketch of Cale. I realize that he really can't see too far now anyway, and what he does see is blurry, and chances are he's just looking in that direction not necessarily at the sketch itself, but we still think it's neat that it's always the same direction he looks while in the swing - never anywhere else.

10 Weeks Old - 8/21/2011
This video was taken this morning.  Finley is usually really mellow and alert in the morning - Roscoe is all mangy-like trying to scratch himself and is not nearly as cute.

I've also been trying to upload another cute video from today where Finley was cooing a lot, but the file is too big to upload or I'm too impatient to figure out how to do it. Plus I think five videos is obnoxious enough for one sitting, so I'll leave you with these cute pictures of our little Packer fan, excited that the preseason is here.


  1. Oh so cute!!! I'm so happy you posted these, Caroline! I can't wait to hold that sweet baby in November! : ) Love you, Anna

  2. How you even think that 5 videos is too many is beyond me! Stinkin' ADORABLE!

    Thank you for sharing, as always!


  3. Yep, just blew off an entire morning of work for that adorable-ness. Many thanks :)

  4. MORE!!!! You are the best sister ever. Nothing better than a Finley video marathon. I can't believe how much he's changed already. We might need to plan a visit prior to November. I need to see that sweet mini immediately. Thanks for making my day! Love.

  5. Oh, you're absolutely right. He is so adorable. :) I love the chubby thighs in the photos. :)

  6. omg poor little guy tryin to sleep with the hiccups! its like by the time he starts fallin asleep again hes forgotten why he couldnt in the first place and is surprised all over again

  7. Caroline thanks so much for the sweet comments you left on my blog! So glad you had a chance to stop by :)

    Your little man is so very cute! Love the videos and pics!