September 16, 2011

My Teeth Bite!

I have the taste buds of your average 12 year old. Especially when it comes to sweets. Things like red vines, sour patch kids, any Haribo gummi product. . . I love all of them. Even a I type this I'm patiently waiting for my Fat Boy to melt a little so that it's a soft, delicious gooey dessert. So I'm not surprised that I've had cavities. But I do take care of my teeth. I brush 2-3 times a day (I have a toothbrush at work so I can brush mid-day), I floss (although not as much as I should I'm sure), and I generally make sure that I have good dental hygiene. I have to. And not because of my love for crap food, although that certainly is a large factor, but because I inherited some pretty terrible dental genes. I've had THREE root canals. I'm not even 30. My sister has had two (which makes me feel better about myself). We just come from a family with crap teeth. Good thing we are not British. Then we'd have crap, crooked teeth.

I have one tooth in particular that has been a pain (sometimes literally) for about four years now. Good ole tooth #20 was one of my root canal chompers. I had the root canal back in 2006. And in 2007 the tooth, which had a previous filling, chipped. I got another filling, but was told that I'd eventually need a crown on that tooth. This happened while I was at Fort Jackson, SC for school. Then I moved to Fort Campbell. I went to get my tooth taken care of but was told the tooth looked good and to just get the crown upon return from deployment. Well, less than a month after returning from Afghanistan I moved back to South Carolina. So in I went to the dentist to get my crown. But only to be told that because I'm not stationed at Fort Jackson long enough, I'll have to wait to get my crown at my next duty station, Fort Benning.

And then I get to Fort Benning. And am pregnant pretty much a day later. And one of the fun (and by fun I mean annoying) things about pregnancy is that it makes your teeth (and gums) more susceptible to issues. In my case this was a deteriorating filling. But all I could do was continue to get more fillings as the dentist did not want to do the crown until after my pregnancy. So I waited. And got more fillings.

About a month after Cale was born, before returning to work, I went back to the dentist. Knowing I wanted to be pregnant again, I wanted to get my tooth taken care of as soon as possible. But by this point I had enough fillings and work done on that poor tooth that they couldn't do a normal crowning procedure. So eventually they decided to basically drill out the majority of what remained of the tooth and basically put a temporary tooth in its place until I had a "crown lengthening procedure" in which they cut your gums, find enough real tooth to attached a crown to, and slap that puppy on.

Only I got pregnant again. And then I was back to square one and temporary solutions as the procedure I need requires sedation. And during this time (my pregnancy with Finn), my temporary tooth kept falling out. After about the third time I just told the dentist I'd rather leave it out until I could just get the tooth fixed once and for all. And he was fine with that. So I was left with a tiny nub of a tooth. Thank goodness it's in the back of my mouth.

The other week I went back to the dentist to get my tooth looked at and hopefully fixed. But surprise, surprise I have a filling they need to take care of first. So I get the filling and come to find out that they can't fix my tooth just yet. Why? Well because I've had basically no tooth for long enough that my root canal has been exposed. And they have to re-do it. Yup, root canal #4. Sweet. Now am waiting for my next appointment before the appointment in which I will hopefully get my damn tooth fixed. Four years later.

Enjoy not having any teeth Finn. Because once you do, you're screwed.


  1. Must be something about that tooth in people! I had a failed root canal and now in the process of an implant. I think I might get it done in gold so at least it will hold some value! Same day I was in another person my age had the same took taken care of!
    I too inherited bad genes and weak enamel and a bad mouth in general. It sucks and is spendy!
    Next job is teeth whitening...if the insides of my teeth are crap at least I can make them pearly white!

  2. Boy, oh boy, do I feel for you! I, too, inherited horrible teeth. I remember the first time I had to get a root canal, I was horrified by the things that I had heard about them. Now, I'd rather get one over a filling -- sounds crazy, but the sounds during a filling make me cringe. I hope that after four years, that tooth of yours is able to get fixed once and for all (soon)!!!

  3. If it's any consolation, I've actually had three root canals, not two. I blame Bob and Mary Ann. Now pass me a peach ring.

  4. You are so funny! I hate having problems with my teeth (had to have a wisdom tooth pulled a few weeks ago) and having someone mess with my mouth- yuck!I hope you get your tooth fixed soon lady!!!

  5. I have been blessed with the bad tooth gene too!!!! I had my first root canal at the age of SEVEN on a BABY tooth, braces for SEVEN years, and in between and since then countless, fillings, lazer procedures, root canals, etc.

    Thanks for the heads up that pregnancy only makes this situation worse!!!! ;)

  6. Sorry about your teeth...I haven't had the "pleasure" of having a root canal, but my teeth are pretty crappy. My main problem was that my teeth could not have been more crooked. I mean, they were not in my mouth in any particular order...just a jumbled mess. I had some pretty spectacular braces, complete with rubber bands to pull down my eye teeth. I was one hot chick back then. I really enjoyed your comment to Finn, because as I look at Addalee's mouth, I cringe to think that her teeth could be as bad as mine were. Her daddy doesn't even care about his teeth that much (he brushes, but doesn't get excited) and every dentist visit, they tell him his are's just not fair! :)

  7. Dude, I hear ya. Never had a root canal, but always something wrong. I have terrible teeth and floss everyday, not to mention the incessant TWO MINUTE brushing. I inherited this bad gene from my dad's side. He brushes nonstop and flosses, yet his teeth are terrible.

    I've had wisdom teeth removal, braces, crazy contraptions, various teeth pulled because I had too many, crookedness, and plenty-o-cavities. My next appt. is in 3 weeks and I couldn't be more anxious. Why? Because for the last year, they've done x-rays and seen a "shadow" meaning there might be a nice, deep cavity. That's how my cavities roll-- they never hurt but look fine and then they drill and BAM, worst and most deep cavity ever. Boo.

    Hate dentist visits!

  8. Oh man you are too funny! Love the pics to go along with the story! Sorry you have the bad teeth gene, but at least you can make it funny :)

  9. ((hugs)) dental problems can be so aggravating. hoping that everything gets resolved as painlessly as possible.

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