September 3, 2012

Target Train of Thought

The other day I went to Target for deodorant. $115.58 later, I left with deodorant and a whole bunch of other things I probably don't need got at a great deal!

I don't know what it is, but I get complete and total ADD when I walk into Target. Here's a run-down of my most recent trip to the Red Circle Boutique:

I just need deodorant. But I may as well bring two re-usable bags in just in case.

Walk in. Deodorant is on the left in the beauty products area. Go straight and check out clearance clothes instead.

I'll just make a loop and get deodorant on my way out.

Oh, that's a cute dress. I don't really need another dress. But I do have my cousin's wedding coming up. Let's just see what it costs. On clearance for 17 bucks!? Don't mind if I do. 

Oh, and that swim cover-up is cute too. And it's only 5 bucks! It would look cute over the swimsuit I got on clearance three weeks ago that I have yet to wear.

Huh, I kinda like that top. I think I like it anyway. Is it me? I think it's cute. Only $6.48?? Yeah, then it's definitely cute. I'll wear it with leggings. 

Ok, no more clothes. Let's go peek in the shoe section. Can't hurt to look. Besides, Finn needs some new shoes. ONE pair of cute boy shoes. EIGHTY cute little girl shoes. So not fair. But at least they have his size.

Oh, and he needs swim diapers for his swim class. Should go ahead and get those now too.

Leave kid section and walk to kitchen section.

I wonder if they have a cute kitchen mat for in front of the sink. No such luck. Oh, but I do need a veggie scrubber. Hmmm, those are cute plates. Those would be fun for summer parties. On clearance? The matching bowls are cute too. But where would I put them? Would Miles kill me? Probably. Ok, pass on the plates. Still need a veggie scrubber. 

Find three. Stand there for far too long debating on which scrubber is the "cutest."

Ok, this is ridiculous - no one cares about your damn vegetable scrubber Caroline - let's move on and go get deodorant.

Walk through frame/wall decor section.

Oooohhh, clearance frames? I do want a few more for my gallery wall project and Finn's "Big Boy" room decor. Neither of which I have started on yet. Let's just grab a couple. I'll throw them in the pile with the others - Miles will never know.

Oh my gosh! I love that map. That would be perfect in Finn's room. Ugh, no price tag. We'll I'll just put it in the cart and see how much it is. What's my cut off? $30? $40? Hmmm, Ok, if it's over $30 I won't get it. Deal self? Deal.

Start making my way through the store and closer to the beauty/pharmacy section.

Oh, Kleenex. We do need more. Which color matches our bathroom best? Hmmm, but this one is on sale. Does the box look too 70's though? Kinda. Ok, pick that blue one over there. May as well get two.

Don't forget deodorant. 

Pick out deodorant. No decision to be made. Grab the kind I always do. In, out, done. Would have been home thirty minutes ago had I just gotten deodorant!
. . . . . . . . .
So that's my average Target trip. For the record, the adorable map came out to $29.99. Sold!:

$17 dress I will wear to my cousin's wedding:

FIVE dollar swim cover up:

Finn's adorable new shoes. 
(which by the way, if he was a girl - he probably would own more shoes than I do. 
The little girl shoes are nauseatingly cute):

Also, if you don't have a REDCard, you should get one. It acts as a debit card (just comes out of checking), but you get 5% off each time you use it. My REDCard savings this year total $88.88. At first I was proud of this. And then I did the math and realized how much that meant I spent. And the year isn't over. Gulp.

Oh Target, I love you.



  1. I believe every.single.person has this problem!!
    There should be a club for it! The other day I went in to get bens meds but instead filled up my cart with $30 of food...all that I kind of needed and thankfully no junk food! Yup, forgot the meds, which meant I had to go back the next day...yup and found a few cute things!
    So, I totally get cha!

  2. That is the story of my life. Greg knows that Target is my happy place and the other day I had a pregnant emotional breakdown and he took me to Target to feel better. I haven't dared check out their baby girl shoes yet which is probably a good thing, I guess!

  3. P.S. I love all the things you bought.

  4. I'm do glad I'm not alone in this! M's baby swing died yesterday so we stopped everything and ran to target to buy another one as it's our sanity. They didn't have the one we wanted, but since we were there....$60 some odd dollars later....damn you Target!!! Hahah love that store. Also love that the map was $29.99 too funny and super cute!

  5. Great post, great finds and great prices! We don't have target here in Canada - or at least in my neck of the woods - but we have a few "everything under one roof" type of stores... And yeah, this post could be my every outing!

    Especially the kitchen/home decor sections....I'm terrible. I worked in luxury clothing for years...and got a ton of freebies, and discounted my closets are BURSTING with items I don't already wear, so I can't buy more...but I've gotta spend my money on something, right?!? So my shoe 'collection' has taken over my storage room. And I've purchased one too many pillows, throws, candles, dish wear, err...pretty much anything you could use interchangeably in the home that makes things look pretty and/or festive...i have a problem!!

  6. Sounds like our Target experiences are about the same! We got the RedCard when we found that Addalee liked a Target brand formula better than any other. I get a little excited seeing that RedCard savings amount on the bottom of my receipt until I realize how much I've actually spent to get there! Ha! Oh well! Love all your finds, especially that map!

  7. Ha! James says I have a love affair with Target. :) I found Samuel some sheets half off while *quickly* running in while in SA! :)

    By the way, love the map! We almost bought it while shopping for Samuel's big boy bedding and have regretted passing on it ever since -- still haven't seen anything as cute since then. Every little boy needs a map! :)

  8. I used to track all my spending on a software program (back when I was single and responsible) and every month the program would ask me if I wanted to set up a direct deposit to Target. Yes, Target, you can take my monies because you give me such beautiful things!

  9. How did I miss this before?!
    Sounds exactly like my last trip to Target! And I'm sure every woman here would say the same thing. I think they have little elves that sneak into your brain the second you walk in and steer you straight to that clearance clothing rack, then the shoes, then the kids' department, and then the home goods of course because you always need a cute new serving something or other. And the reasoning that "on top of an already good deal I get ANOTHER 5%!" never fails. Did I ever tell you that Peter applied for/got offered a job at Target? Good thing he didn't take it, because then we would have gotten 10% on top of the Red card and he probably would've turned me out of the house for bankrupting us...
    Oh and that cover up is darn cute on you. Definitely a good choice.

  10. Love this! Two things: 1. The "Red Circle Boutique" is totally my weakness! I was just joking around with Chris the other day that I am pretty sure that I got to Targ'et at least once a week. Really, who needs to go to Target that much?! 2. When did Finn grow up enough for a "big boy room"?? Humph!

  11. We're getting Target in the spring here in Canada... Can't wait! :)

    Ps. Grace has a million pairs of shoes and Robeez and wears zero. Mind you, she does not walk. ;)