February 5, 2013

30 Before 30

I turned 29 today. The last year in my twenties - oh my. Miles is still gone (I swear he's not deployed, but sometimes it really feels like it!) So it was just Finn McMissile and myself, and Roscoe too of course. We had a nice morning - Finn slept in until 8:30 (standard for him - I'm so lucky) and took an almost FOUR HOUR nap this afternoon. The kid sleeps like a champion. He was also just really, really cute today. I know he always is, but today was just a good baby day. No fighting over what to eat, no unnecessary fussiness - he was just cute and happy and talkative and really fun to be around. One of those days were you just think how awesome kids are and thank your lucky stars to have one. The three of us (mom, dog, baby) went for a run this afternoon when it was a gorgeous 74 degrees out, Miles and his parents both sent beautiful arrangement's of flowers, I got to talk to everyone in my family and FaceTime with my sister. And I went out to dinner with some really sweet friends and just had a really lovely day. So thank you all for the birthday love - it sure means a lot.

Notice the scarf, Megan? :)

For the last few weeks I've been thinking of a little list of things I'd like to do before I'm the big 3-0. No real rhyme or reason for these, but just using the last year of my youth this next year as motivation for accomplishing them. The problem is, I haven't been able to think of 30 things. So, I'm welcoming suggestions. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Travel to a state I have never been to (Completed August '13)
2. Complete a triathlon (Completed 27 May 13)
3. Attend a yoga class
4. Watch a foreign film (Completed Feb '14)
5. Update Family Tree (Completed/Ongoing)
6. Use my china. Twice. (Completed - Thanksgiving and Christmas '13)
7. Read 30 books (Almost)
8. Stick to a Paleo diet for one month. (Completed April '13)
9. Do a cleanse of some sort (Completed Feb '14)
10. Get pregnant (Completed April '13)
11. Get nice family pictures taken (Completed - December '13)
12. Give blood and/or platelets (Completed April '13)

Edited to add more to the list based of some great suggestions people had. I'll continue to update this and hope to blog about some of these as they get accomplished.

13. See a baby be born (Completed 21 Aug 13)
14. Sleep out under the stars
15. Volunteer at a local charity of some sort (Completed 12 Feb 13)
17. Get together with BLM/blog friends (Completed Feb/March '13 and June '13)
18. Finish a scrapbook (Works in progress)
19. Meal Plan and stick to it for two weeks
20. Meet and befriend a new friend (Completed and Ongoing)
21. Find, and consistently attend, a playgroup for Finn (Ongoing)
22. Pay it forward (buy someone coffee, leave money at a gas pump, etc - something of the sort) (Completed various dates)
23. Take a cooking/baking class of some sort
24. See the bats in Austin (Completed 20 April 13)
25. Kayak and/or paddle board (Completed 20 April 13)
26. Update my will (Completed and Ongoing)
27. Ride in a convertible (Completed 30 November 13)
28. Write myself a letter to read in a decade 
29. Throw a theme party for no particular reason (Completed 18 April 13)
30. Start a veggie/food garden (Started March '13)


  1. Happy Birthday, yesterday, Old Woman!! Just Kidding... I too have been thinking about my youthful yesteryears... I'm 29 next month and am totally stealing your list of 30 things. I think you should include buying an expensive purse, and shoes, getting a massage, mani&pedi, maybe a trapeze class (they have those here, I'm sure elsewhere)... You better get started on War and Peace NOW! :-)

  2. Great idea! :) I've actually been working on a 101 things to do before I'm 30 for a while... and I'm turning 28 in March so I need to get cracking!

    Some of my favorites completed so far?
    -Run a half-marathon.
    -Treat my family to a nice dinner.
    -Milk a cow.
    -Send 5 care packages to deployed friends.
    -Anything to do with travel!

    Ones I hope to do soon...
    -Look through an observatory telescope.
    -Make French macarons. (I signed up for a class!)


  3. Fun! I like number 10!
    Here are a few more...
    -take a cooking class
    -make a quilt
    -see a baby be born (not your own)
    -take Finley to see his first movie at the theater
    -see the bats in Austin
    -go to the Alamo
    -come to my house every Sunday for dinner;)

  4. Hmm I like this idea, but yeah 30 ideas seems a lot harder to come up with. Ill be 29 in June. I keep telling Brian it will be my "very first" of many 29th birthdays ;) although after what we have been through I feel AT LEAST 10 years older ugh.

    I love that Finn was especially lovely on your birthday. He is just so cute it's hard to imagine him as anything, but lovely. Although that's how they get us! Ha

  5. Silly me, I just saw this! Glad it was such a great day (minus the love of your life, of course...darn!). And that you got to hang out with Julia Gulia, among others! The scarf is definitely looking almost as fabulous as you ;) I'm so glad you were born and no matter how old/young at heart you are, you are worth celebrating with fanfare!

    I think you have an awesome list so far!

    My idears/personal desires:
    -Become conversational in another language (I'm 'cheating' with sign language right now!).
    -Volunteer at a local soup kitchen/maternity home/charity of some sort. With kids if possible.
    -Sleep out under the stars. With no Army to force you to not enjoy it.
    -Cake decorating class.
    -Photography class.
    -Plan your own pilgrimage to local shrines and memorials.

    Can't wait to hear about everything you do :)

  6. Glad you had a great birthday! How about adding visits Houston and the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory to that list? :)

  7. Dude you've GOT to see the bats in Austin. For real.

    I'm adding...

    - get together with BLM/blog friends
    - visit St. Louis
    - adopt another puppy (no, this is a great idea)
    - learn to crochet
    - refinish a piece of furniture to use as TV stand (it's smart to add something you can already cross off!)
    - reward self for some accomplishment by getting a pedicure
    - complete x number of pinterest projects

    You make me feel old. I'm old enough to be your older sister who's not your Irish twin. yeesh.

  8. What? I want to visit Houston and the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory! Well, any ice cream factory will do, so long as I can eat ice cream by the bucketload.

    Visit St. Louis. Hah. ;) I hear Chicago's pretty nice......... and they dye the lake for St. Patty's day...... maybe you want to see the Cubs play????? Or the Bears? (bahahahah)

    I think Brooke is brilliant about adding things you're already able to cross off. :)

    I also like a pay-it-forward type of thing. Like pay for someone's coffee or whatever. It's cliche, but I feel like something so small and easy could really turn someone's day around, you know?

    Happy Birthday, also! Just getting back into the swing of things. I'm always thrown off a bit when we travel. Happy you were born. And p.s. ICK to watching a baby be born. I couldn't even watch my own kids. They asked me if I wanted the mirror. Ick. Ick!

  9. Happy late birthday! I'm already 30, blargh. I have to say, it was so very unceremonious, and I think I'm OK with that!

    I love your list though...and would like to suggest maybe a visit to the Smoky Mountains, and maybe even Dollywood ;)

  10. HAppy Birthday! I cant find you on facebook anymore and i wanted to ask you questions about cloth diapering--- I really am interested.

    I will add to your list too---
    *join or create a playgroup for Finn

    1. Hey Lindsay - I just deleted it last night for Lent. But I'd LOVE to answer any questions you have about cloth diapering. Shoot me an email at caroline (dot) hidalgo @ yahoo (dot) com .

      Also, thanks for the good suggestion!