July 8, 2013

Monday Morning Confessions

-I'm writing this blog because I have yet to upload pictures from Finn's birthday party to the computer, thus putting off blogging about it.

-I bought a pineapple yesterday and plan to cut it. For the first time in my life.

-Speaking of firsts, I steamed a shirt for the first time when I was visiting a friend over the weekend who didn't own an iron, but owned a steamer.

-Ice cream was on sale yesterday so I bought some. The sale price only applied to the half gallons. I bought two.

-We were in San Antonio over the weekend and I found the Alamo unimpressive. (the actual grounds and setting, not the historical significance)

-After visiting the Alamo, I had the chorus to this stuck in my head all day. (and now you will too - you're welcome)

-I sometimes avoid giving Finn blueberries simply because they make for gross poops the following day.

-I hate cooking. I wish we just had a chef.

-I re-start the dryer at least once before I give in and finally fold the clothes. Usually a day after they finished drying in the first place. There are clothes that are currently sitting in my dryer.

-My sister-in-law recommended Guilty Wives for a silly, yet entertaining and quick read. I'm listening to it on CD instead. It's so bad. Yet, I'm enjoying it.

-Reason I'm listening to a semi-smutty book instead of reading it is because I am currently reading two other books. Rarely can I read one at a time (not because I'm such an avid reader, but rather I get too excited and can't choose which one to start next so start a couple).

Anyone have anything they'd like to get off their chest this fine Monday morning?


  1. My two year old got an adorable thank you card from another two year old...but my two year old never sent out thank you's from his birthday two months ago....

  2. I hide the library books B is obsessed with because I'm soooo tired of reading them.

  3. I want a chef so bad! I like cooking sometimes but most days it's just to much work! My new fav thing is the pre grilled cut up chicken from Costco! Throw it in salad and there's dinner!
    Never cut a pineapple? Super easy!
    Sometimes I wait for Ben to go to bed tk have ice cream just so I can have more in the days to come!

  4. My daughter sucked on a bottle of dish soap yesterday. I heard her gagging and then it was too late. She was foaming suds at the mouth.

  5. Oh those bluberries and the dryer and the cooking and cooking and more cooking...I'm with ya sister. God bless my new dryer with a 'steam refresh' setting. Especially since my iron spent so many years being neglected that it now spits rust when I turn it on.

    I'm too late on Monday but I reconsidered taking the kids to story time because I'm a germaphobe and the library is its own special petri dish. Also I hired a maid service to clean that house before my parents came to visit. And now that they're gone, tomorrow will be a TV morning for the kids because mama is staying up late to catch up on blog reading even though I know I won't have the willpower to crawl out of bed after I hear the first munchkin squeaking. Also I just threw out three Chick-Fil-A kids meal toys.

    This is kinda therapudic, maybe I should do it more often ;)

  6. I have never cut a pineapple either- since I'm allergic to them I am thinking it will probably never happen :( Also I don't iron and usually just throw clothes in the dyer to get the wrinkles out- haha!!

  7. I banned Kellan from grapes yesterday for the very same reason.

    I'm gorging myself on watermelon as I type.

    Instead of doing my chores While Kellan napped yestersay, I watched two episodes of Below Deck on Bravo and wished I had been a yachtie for a few years.

    I caught sloane sipping bath water out of a toy ladle last night and ten she fed some to her brother. Instead of stopping her, I grabbed my phone to try to catch her on video.

  8. Also I only use a steamer too. It is rare that I even do that and no way am I busting out an iron, ironing board, etc.

  9. While tucking the boys into bed last night I remembered that they didn't brush their teeth. Instead of getting them out of bed to do it, I put them to bed without it.

    I have one big box with misc crap in it that still needs to be unpacked. We moved into our house almost 3 months ago.

    I bought mayo at the store the other day and it rolled out of the bag on the way home from the store. It was left in my car for 24 hours in 100+ degree weather. I tested it on Jared's sandwich the other day before the kids and I ate it to make sure we wouldn't get sick, I didn't tell Jared any of this. He didn't get sick.

    I'm so huge and pregnant that for the past 2 days, I put my pajamas back on after I lay Maddox down for his nap and lay in bed to watch TV.

  10. (P.S. I came back to read the rest of these comments today so I wouldn't feel like a total failure...)

  11. This is great. And so me! The laundry thing, avoiding certain foods, and hating cooking are things that I've said, done, and thought recently!