September 25, 2014

Nine Months

My friends Veronica and Brandy took cute side by sides of the last week of their pregnancy and then when their baby hit that same week. I meant to do the same when Mary hit 38 weeks, but forgot. She is now 40 weeks so I figured I would just make a monthly picture. 

Kinda blows my mind to have had her two weeks longer on the outside than on the inside. It takes nine long and scary and wonderful months to get a baby here (if you're lucky) and then the months just fly by once they are here. It's not really fair how time works like that. But what a fun nine months it's been!

September 19, 2014

All In Their Own Time

I had always assumed if we were lucky enough to have two living children, the younger one would do things quicker than the older one did. Finn was sitting up by seven months and crawling by seven and a half. I foolishly assumed Mary would be on a similar or quicker timeline. But sister is on her own timeline and I'm grateful for the reminder that you just can't compare kids and to just slow down and savor whatever moment they're in.

Until recently the only sitting up Mary did was in the tripod position. She was like a little bulldog slouched forward and I'd be lying if I said it didn't concern me for a bit.

I do think she was (is) little delayed in her gross motor development, but I think it's just that - a little delay. The pediatrician at her nine month appointment was very reassuring and not worried. He used the words "perfectly healthy" and "just fine" which definitely helped me chill out a little.

And now Mary is sitting up much better. She still reverts to the bulldog or eventually topples over, but each day she has longer and longer stretches of sitting up independently.

And yesterday our little girl started low crawling. It's not quick and she favors one arm more than the other, but she's already getting better and better. Finn is very encouraging which is precious. He will put a toy or something out in front of her and say "Go get it Mary, you can do it. Good girl" (sounds similar to how we praise Roscoe). And honestly I hope she doesn't become proficient too fast - hopefully those chubby little legs of hers will buy me a bit more time before we need to bust out with the baby gates. Probably not though. As she's reminded me - you just can't assume to know what timeline they will be on as it's theirs and theirs alone.

September 13, 2014

Tunnel to Towers Run

Today we participated in the Tunnel to Towers 5K through the Stephen Siller Foundation. Stephen Siller was a NYC firefighter who had just gotten off shift when the first plane hit the twin towers on September 11th. He went back to get his gear and when the roads were closed he parked his car and put 60lbs of gear on and made his way back to the Twin Towers via the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. He died helping others.

The Rangers and the local Firefighters who ran in today's race did so in full kit to honor Stephen's actions and sacrifice. His older brother spoke about him and along the route, local boyscouts and girlscouts held up pictures of the 343 firefighters and paramedics who were killed on September 11th. It was one of the most powerful and awesome races I've ever done and I look forward to doing it again next year.

Please note that I didn't make him push the stroller and volunteered several times to do it. But some Rangers are stubborn Rangers and well, I married one of that variety.

The good news is that for the first time in the nine years we have been together, I could keep up with him on a run. Maybe all future family runs will involve a uniform and body armor for Miles. Ya know, to be fair.
Mary is eyeing Daddy's beer
The Tunnel to Towers runs are held all over the country, so if you are interested in participating, you can search for events here. Or you can come to Savannah and join us for next years' run. I'll even let you push the stroller :)

September 3, 2014

Finn's First Day of School

 A few weeks ago Finn attended summer camp at his new school. I'm glad he went as it helped prepare the both of us for when he would start school on a regular basis (he goes Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 9-1). He had a great time at summer camp, and has been itching to go back to school since. It made today's transition really easy - maybe a little too easy, I mean I had to ask him twice to give me a kiss goodbye - he was just so ready to get in there and play!

The morning was a bit chaotic, as I figured it would be (most mornings are for me), but we had waffles, snapped a few pictures, and made it to school on time - victory is mine!

Pajama Cuties
This kid could have waffles for EVERY meal

This is his "smile" face
Backpack wearing three year olds make me swoon
Roscoe had his game face on today and didn't shed a single tear when Finn left for school
Mary couldn't hang during my workout.
But she was chatty and delightful while waiting on an oil change

Then we went back and picked up brother who said he had a great day and told me about his new friends and how he said, "no thank you" when offered a snack and he went downstairs to go potty and said hi to his friend who was walking, and and and . . .

I think it's safe to say this sweet kid will have no problems going back to school come Friday.