January 24, 2015

Hello Fresh, Helllllo laziness!

One of the things I continually say I'm going to do is to meal plan. It's something I continually suck at, and am always impressed when people actually stick to it (ahem Jenny/Brandy). There are lots of companies popping up that are great for people like me, where fresh food is delivered to your door with recipes and pre measured ingredients. I think these things are especially brilliant for couples who both work, but realistically it's cheaper for me to grocery shop myself and make our own meals. However, several months ago my friend Brooke was generous enough to share a Blue Apron referral allowing me to get three free meals with no strings attached. Well, the strings are that you have to create an account, but you can cancel at any time. If you forget to cancel, you will be charged for the next weeks food delivery like I was, but for the price I paid it was like getting six meals for half the cost and totally worth it. But then I got cheap and canceled my account.

When we moved I heard about a deal Blue Apron was having and signed up again (new address this time - it's like I was a new customer!) and then I cancelled my account after the discount ended. Companies probably hate people like me. But oh well, it's the risk they take offering these deals. My friend Michelle is living with me right now while she house hunts and we thought it would be great to sign up for a few of these deals, enjoy a few meals, and then either cancel or suspend our accounts. We tried Plated, also really enjoyed it, and most recently Hello Fresh. Some recipes are better than others, and while it doesn't take away the task of actually making the meal, I must say it's a lot more fun to do when everything is all measured out and packaged so nicely. Not to mention I don't have to take the kids to the grocery store!

Hello Fresh offers $40 off for anyone I refer with the code: 6YDUFL so I figured I would share it here, in case anyone is interested in trying it out (and promptly canceling your account should you not want to pay full price the following week). The meals are about $10 per person (for most of these sites that seems to be the average cost), so you're looking at paying around $60 for three 2-person meals. Which is certainly not a bad deal, but not as cheap as grocery shopping yourself. but with the $40 off - it was worth it to me to get that first week of three meals. I've found the meals from all companies to be more than enough for two adults, Finn, and sometimes even enough for left overs. Mary also eats off my plate, so you get a lot for your money.

I'm not getting compensated by Hello Fresh for this blog. Well, that's kind of a lie - I mean, I do get a $10 credit for people who use that referral code, but I've suspended future deliveries on my account for now anyway and just shared on here because it's something I've enjoyed and have been impressed by. Plus, I've been just as impressed with Hello Fresh as I have with Plated and Blue Apron, so I really don't have any loyalties to one over the other (I think Blue Apron has the best packaging, but the meals have all been fairly equal and delicious). They all have vegetarian options as well as different menu options for each week's delivery.

So feel free to give it a try (referral link here and above), but if you forget to cancel your account before the next delivery, don't blame me! I barely remember myself!



  1. I got your email on this and have thought about it. But really, I DON'T meal plan! I do cook, but sometimes it's just a wild hare (hair?) I get or a craving I have. Or it's Pinterest inspiring me or Instagram or a pop-up ad or whatever. I make dinner when I want to (like really make it with excitement), and if I don't, we eat mac n' cheese or frozen pizza. I really go from gourmet to Lean Cuisine over here. I like to allow myself the flexibility.

    I totally loved Blue Apron but did not love the pricetag. Yowch. You know I'm a deal hunter and I felt I could buy a whole lot of Whole Foods quality produce and goods for the price I was spending on a meal. While I did like the food and fun recipes, they were arduous and I hated all the packaging. I don't know any other way around it (and it's mostly recyclable and compostable but I TOTALLY question the ice packs, etc.), but I just felt so wasteful for one meal.

    Anyway. I'd love to try this and I might eventually. I wish you'd post the dishes you made, lady! I love that sort of thing. :)

  2. And no. Three meals for like $60 is not a bad price. But if I'm going to pay $20 a meal, I'm hoping someone else is making it for me (helllllllo Chipotle). Hahah!

  3. I've never heard of these meal services. You're so much cooler than I am. Does anyone even say 'cool' anymore?

    I'm thinking of ordering this for a neighbor. I'll be sure to use your code.

  4. I tried Blue Apron and felt like the meals took too long to make. I guess I should not have expected quick, just convenient! Have you tried Instacart? They will deliver groceries and I have used it a few times since B arrived and love it.