February 1, 2016

Run, Ranger, Run

I've got a lot of running goals this year and this month. In two weeks I'll run my third marathon. I'm anxious and hopeful and terrified. So that should be interesting. In addition to marathon training I've set out to run a combined total of 2,016 miles in 2016 with my three best buds from high school. It's a very doable goal as we each will run an average of 42 miles each month. Yesterday I ran 10 miles putting my January total at 101 miles which is more than normal because of the marathon training, but at least gives me a good amount of miles banked for our 2,016 total.

This month I am also running with a group of Ranger wives as part of the "Run, Ranger, Run" program. This was created in 2013 when a veteran from 3rd Ranger Battalion wanted to raise awareness about the difficult transition many veterans face when leaving the military. He ran home from Columbus, GA (Fort Benning) to Indianapolis, IN - a 565 mile journey that now teams take on to help continue what he started. There are ten of us on a team, each will run/bike/walk 56.5 miles this month and raise funds for Gallant Few which is a charity organization that aims to reduce the underemployment and homelessness of Veterans, Rangers specifically. My fundraising page is here if you are able to donate - any support is so greatly appreciate.

In the theme of soliciting my dear friends and family for a good cause, I'll be participating in the Run Across Georgia this year as I did last year. I've been running a lot the last couple years, but still wouldn't consider myself "a runner." I don't always like running, more so that I like what running provides me; confidence, friendship, a challenge, etc. And since it's not always the most enjoyable activity I'd much rather have some extrinsic motivation such as a worthy charity or cause. If I run with my phone I have gotten in the habit of using the app "Charity Miles" which allows you to pick a different charity each time you run and a big name corporation will donate money to that charity based on how far you run/walk. It's not a ton of money, but every little bit helps. My favorite charities to support through Charity Miles are the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Shot @ Life which provide vaccines to children worldwide, and St. Judes, but there are so many other awesome ones listed in the app. 

Again, here is the link to my fundraising page - as always, the support, the encouragement, and the donations really mean so much to me and I appreciate how well my friends and family tolerate the continual solicitations :)


  1. Oh, make no mistake, you are most definitely a runner. Compare 42 mi/month to 4! ;) And an inspiration--I finally made contact with a mom's running group around here to help myself out because of your posts.

    I love this cause, thanks for doing what you do and GOOD LUCK!

  2. You are awesome! Are we marathoning the same day? Good luck!