April 29, 2016

Poor, Neglected Blog

I used to be good about posting blogs a couple times a week, now I try to post about every week, but lately even that has been hard! And not that it's hard, but just when life is busy at the end of a long day, I usually don't want to take the time to upload photos and clear my phone (even though it needs it on a regular basis), and actually sit and write out a blog. None-the-less, I do still want to document what's going on in our lives which is why I started this blog in the first place. I definitely see the shift in my posts too - those first couple years were heavy on the grief posting and the blog was very therapeutic for me, but of late the posts have been much more documenting and journaling oriented which is important to me to maintain since the blog is my virtual scrapbook since actual scrapbooking has completely fallen to the wayside. 

At any rate life has been busy of late. Miles had a long course and a couple of trips (I'll share about his recent one soon),  so has been gone the majority of the last five weeks, we had a visit from a baby loss friend and her kiddos, and we all got hit with some form of sickness - Mary getting the worst of it and she just now, after a week (!!) is starting to feel better. 

While my friend Becky was visiting all the way from Alaska we took a trip to the beach for her last full day here. It was a really nice outing and I wish we would have squeezed in an earlier beach trip as well. The water is still cold, but the kids had fun in the tide pools and digging in the sand. 

Miles stayed home with Mary since she was still fighting a fever while Becky, her kids, Finn and I all went to the beach for a few hours. I'm so glad that beach season is upon us and I think it's safe to say Finn is too.


April 14, 2016

Another Obnoxious Post About Running

This is a three-for-one race recap which if that's not obnoxious enough, I'll finish by asking you for money.

In February I had my "redemption run" for the disaster that was the Savannah Rock 'n Roll marathon. Only my redemption marathon was probably even more disastrous and while mother nature didn't sabotage my race, several other factors did; hitting "the "wall," Mary's crap sleep due to Mary's stomach flu, etc. So when I left that race in big crocodile tears I immediately started thinking about another one. Miles told me to be like Peyton Manning and not make any emotional decisions which is good advice I should use every time I go to Target. So I waited, slept on it, and let myself recover, emotionally and physically from the race. But the desire to reach my goal (sub 4 hours) was still nagging enough that I knew I wanted to sign up for the Skidaway Island Marathon here in Savannah over Easter weekend. It was six weeks after the Donna Marathon and really my last chance since it's only getting hotter and there aren't any other local marathons until the fall. I was already signed up for the Savannah Publix Women's Half Marathon the following weekend, but figured I could just take it easy during that and hope that my legs still worked fine. 

Once race week rolled around, I decided that I needed to ensure I got as good of sleep the few days leading up to the race, hydrate and fuel really well throughout the week, and fuel well during the run a little earlier than I did in February. My friend Julie offered to run with me and I knew if she was offering to run a marathon with me she was either a really good friend or a really crazy one - likely a little of both. The race was humid and called for thunderstorms all day. It did start to rain early on and by mile two it just poured for a good three or four miles, but then it cleared up and other than a little humid, it ended up being much nicer than I was expecting (I thought it might rain the entire time). 

Around mile seven Julie and I met a man who was running his 95th marathon! He ended up running the rest of the way with us and it was so nice to have people to talk to the entire time - they definitely helped me keep momentum and helped be a good distraction. This was such a tiny race compared to most I've done - there were under 150 people running the full marathon (also a half that day) and while the course was beautiful, it was almost completely void of any sort of crowd or spectators. 

As we got close to the last few miles I got to see my kids (who were there with friends who helped watch them as Miles is out of town), and several of my Stroller Strong Moms friends who came to cheer on the girls running. It was such a morale boost to have them there and I'm so grateful for their support. I gave Julie a great big hug when we crossed that finish line in 3 hours and 56 minutes and cried happy tears this time instead.

As I mentioned before the following weekend I was already signed up for a half and my friend Lindsey had a goal she wanted to meet and wanted me to pace her the way Julie did for me. I loved being able to pay-it-forward, though didn't really feel like I was helping as running with her was just as rewarding and special for me. We came in exactly one minute under Lindsey's goal time and it was so great to run together.

Hard to say what I loved more - the mimosa or the medal.
 So since I was already on a running kick, I decided that I would take advantage of the free race offer Rock n Roll gave after the November Marathon and run the Raleigh Rock n Roll Half Marathon the following weekend. I got to visit with a good friend who we used to live near in Columbus, GA and the race, despite being cold and hilly, was really great and my best half yet.

So three weekends in a row of races and I'm spent. I'm actually signed up for a 5k this weekend, but likely won't make it which is fine - my legs and body are ready for a little break. They need to rest up before I run across Georgia in six weeks. . . 

. . . .which brings me to my next topic: Run Across Georgia round two! I loved participating in RAG last year - it was and still is the most rewarding race I've ever done and this year we have FOUR teams of Stroller Strong Moms participating which is so wonderful! I'll be running on one of the competitive teams (there are two competitive and two non competitive) and will run a little over 35 miles this year (versus the 28 I did last year). I have a feeling it will be hotter this year too and am thankful that running in Raleigh gave me some hill training because it is a far hillier run that anything we are used to in Savannah, but hills and heat, I'm still so excited to run this again. 

This year the fundraising for the Run Across Georgia will benefit three charities. The House of Heroes (which was the sole charity last year) which does repair work on the homes of elderly and disabled Veterans, Make-a-Wish, and Camp Abilities, which is a sports camp for blind and visually impaired youth in the Columbus, Georgia vicinity. I love the charities they have chosen this year and love that we will run to support Veterans and children. As I've mentioned before running for a good cause with good people is really my favorite kind of running. If you're able to donate anything please know how very much we appreciate the support. I was so overcome and humbled by all the support last year and know that it will help keep me going this year when those hills and that heat try to get me down. The link to my fundraising page can be found here. Thank you again.

So there you have it, my race recaps and a little soliciting. 

April 4, 2016

Microblog Monday: Kindness

I remember my friend Brooke writing a blog awhile back about the words parents often use with their children, girls in particular, and even though I can't even remember what the point of the blog was (sorry, Brooke!) what stood out to me was to not overuse the advice/demand/rule to "be nice." I often tell my kids, mainly Finn because he's older so understands a little better, to "be kind." I love when Ellen ends her shows with "be kind to one another" because that really is such wonderful advice. And not even advice - I mean that should just be more inherent in our nature than it is.

Anyway, point of this ramble on what should be a "micro" blog is that today while walking to the playground we spotted a little baby turtle. Probably the tiniest little turtle I've ever seen and he immediately tucked his head into his shell as my kids got up close and personal with him. After a little bit, I told them to leave him be and we would see him again when we left the park. 

teeny tiny turtle sort of the bottom left-ish of the pic
Sure enough he was there when we left and he had crawled over to a leaf for protection (probably from the giant small people). Finn went in for a closer look and went to grab something and I thought he was reaching for a stick and quickly snapped, "don't you dare poke him!" But he wasn't grabbing a stick, he was grabbing another leaf and gently laid it on the other side of the turtle to "help protect him." I immediately felt like a jerk for underestimating him and mistakingly assuming he was going to just mess with the little guy. Instead he was just being thoughtful and kind.

I hope he never changes.