May 23, 2016

Our House in iPhone Pictures

So this happened today:

Which is crazy, because we haven't even lived in this house two years, but the market is good right now and we are moving (TO ENGLAND!!) so it makes more sense to list the house for now and if we need to rent it out, we go that route.

But to get the house ready to be put on the market, I had to clean it. A lot. You never realize how messy your house is until you have to get it "realtor ready." Miles is attending a course right now so insert sob story of me having to do all the cleaning and yard work and what have you. In all fairness he cleans way more than I do anyway, so I suppose it's payback. But whatever, it still sucked!

So, since I never did a virtual tour of our home, here is one now since it's only going to be clean for approximately half a day longer.

When you walk in the office is on your right:

And the playroom is on the left:

Then you walk to the family room:

Mary's been sporting airplane slippers all day. 
And Finn is trying to figure out why Game of Thrones is not Ninja Turtles
Then you head into the kitchen:

which is NEVER this clean. Miles has the coffee pot with him
and usually there's at least 14 stacks of papers.

Then when you go back through the family room there's my little gallery wall and the cabinet Miles built across from the stairs:

Used to be carpet. Miles replaced all the carpet on the stairs
and upstairs hallway with hardwood.
Finn's room is first on the left:

Followed by the kids' bath (not pictured) and Mary's room:

I just sold that glider to a friend who is picking it up next week.
Spent many nights rocking my babies in that chair, sort of bittersweet to part with.

Trying to decide when to move her out of the crib. I don't want to,
but it might make sense to do it before we move.

Then our room, which used to be GREEN with a woodland wallpaper boarder. I wish I had done some sort of artwork above the bed. But too late now:

Then the guest room down the hall:

And voila! That pretty much completes the house tour. 


May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day didn't really sting as much this year as it has in years' past, but honestly I think that just had more to do with the fact that it really felt like any other day and the fact that I've just come to accept that Mother's Day will never be about the hype for me. Not only has losing Cale changed my views on the day, but just knowing how it also can be such a hard day for so many other people for so many other reasons really makes me sort of ambivalent towards it all. I don't feel bitter towards the day - I think it's great to celebrate moms, especially your own. It's just that I don't feel inclined to make the day into something more than it needs to be either.

And it's not that I had a bad day. I just had a day. I took the kids for a run and cleaned up after them and dealt with some terrible two tantrums, but also played legos and read books and really relished in my good fortune that I even get to do all those things with them. And of course I thought a little extra of Cale and missed him a bit more and really appreciated those who acknowledged him yesterday.

Miles is away at a course so wasn't home this past weekend. In his defense I know he'd much rather be with his family, but let me tell ya - it sounded like he had a great mothers day; he slept in, ate breakfast in peace, went to a movie, didn't have to wipe anyone's butt (well anyone else's for that matter). Sounds preeety nice! But I know he missed getting to read the kids bedtime stories and kiss them goodnight and I'm forever grateful that I able to do that. 

Pretty much sums up my day.
When I asked Finn about the "A photo with mom & me" portion he proceeded to tell me
how the picture is of him, mom, and daddy! 

May 4, 2016

May the Fourth be With You

Because I couldn't resist. Finn is sporting a new shirt that was on clearance and Mary was squeezed into Finn's old 12 month Star Wars' shirt.