About Us

Hi, I'm Caroline. Welcome to our family blog. Here's some background on our family:

My husband and I met at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY where we both attended college.  We got married in 2007 and have moved all over as a result of being in the Army. Currently Oxford, England is home. Miles is still serving on active duty, but I left the military in 2012 to venture into the territory of a stay at home mom.
On June 28, 2010, our first child Cale was born still. After a textbook perfect nine months of pregnancy, we went to the hospital eager to met our son, only to be told that his heart was no longer beating. You can read more about Cale here.

Less than eight months after losing our son Cale,  Miles lost his younger brother Daren when he was killed by an IED in Afghanistan in February 2011 while leading his Soldiers on a combat patrol. To read more about our beloved hero, click here

In 2011 our second son Finley was born and in 2013 we welcomed our daughter Mary. Their births were filled with the euphoric happiness that should, but sadly doesn't, surround all births. Getting the opportunity to mother and raise Finn and Mary has been the most incredible reward. They have helped bring so much happiness back into our lives, but they do not, nor ever will, replace their brother Cale.

I started this blog few months after losing Cale and a few weeks after learning I was pregnant with Finn. It was originally a way to keep friends and family updated with what's going on in our lives (and serve as a virtual scrapbook), but early on I realized that it it is also a huge outlet for me in regards to my grief and a way to connect to others in the baby loss community. One of the best things about this blog is how it has enabled me to share Cale and the complexity of grief with so many others. Cale's brief life, and unexpected death, hasn't defined me, but it has shaped a huge part of who I have become. So while a lot of the posts on this are about the adventures of our family as they unfold, there is a lot that is also about Cale and my evolving grief and love for the little boy who gave us the family we have today.