July 19, 2016

Run Across Georgia Update (Round II)

The Run Across Georgia (almost two months ago) this year was both very similar and very different to my experience last year. It was similar in that it was overall a really positive and rewarding experience. We raised over $10,000 on just my team alone, but of the four teams of Stroller Strong Moms teams we raised over $50,000 which is just awesome and humbling all in one. That money is going towards three really great charities so if you are reading this and you have not gotten a very delinquent thank you card yet, please know how much I appreciate all the donations and all the support that we got.

The reason it was different was because this year it was a lot harder for me physically than it was last year. I signed up for more miles this year than last as I've been running more and felt a little more prepared, but I just went in to the whole thing pretty drained. We had a girl get injured so the only way for our team to stay competitive was for the rest of us to cover the remainder of her mileage (versus dropping to a non competitive status and not having a time requirement as well as the ability to switch out runners). I thought I was doing a decent job of fueling throughout, but actually got pretty dehydrated and my longest run (7.2 miles) ended up being my slowest and I basically was running in the standing fetal position, had to take breaks to go to the bathroom in the woods on the side of the road, dry heave, and mostly question all my life decisions. It was super!

Fortunately things improved, I was able to keep food down after that, I took two oral IVs, and with constant hydration my last two runs weren't too bad. I ended up running 38.5 miles in the 36 hour period and was totally exhausted when it was done, but really proud of our team and really grateful for the opportunity to participate in this race another year. 

This flag was about halfway along the course and had Daren's picture and info about him.

The first handoff. I always handed off to my good friend Julie who 
has become my marathon buddy while living here.

Miles drove out from Savannah to meet me at my last run. He said Finn worked
for HOURS on my sign and the cute little nugget was so excited to hold it up.

About to start the last run!

The two competitive teams of Stroller Strong Moms crossed the finish line together, 
coming in as the first place female team for the third year running!



  1. SO many fist bumps, dude. You literally ran over 60k in just over a day. That's incredile &$#* and for Daren and so many others whose lives were cut too short to keep us safe and protect our freedom. It's incredibly commendable. I'm so proud of you and all your friends who are so dedicated and amazing.

  2. Really amazing work Caroline. I love the posters. Those are hilarious. I'm not sure how you find the strength and drive to do all that you do, but it's so inspiring. Thanks for including Make-A-Wish in your fundraising this year, and thanks for letting me send you pictures of our family fulfilling Erin's wish. We'll follow your running anywhere. I'm so proud of you.

  3. Wait, so you not only had more miles to begin with, you covered someone else's!? No wonder it was so hard! Those signs - ha. What is an oral IV and what the heck do you listen to for 35 miles? All of you are just rockstars. I'm thinking Daren must have been as proud as every single person rooting for you combined.

    O hey, AND a new blog design-super rockstar.

  4. You are such an inspiration! Congratulations! Also, love the new look of the blog :)