March 8, 2017

Trip to Wales

Finn (and Miles) have a big term break every quarter. Finn also has a mid term break in between those, but it's during the larger term break that we want to always take advantage of living here and do some traveling. Over the winter break our big trip was to Paris, but after the holidays we still had a little bit of time before school started up for the boys so we decided to drive to Wales for an overnight trip as it's only a couple hours away.

We drove to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, where our first stop was at the Cardiff Castle. It's the second Castle we've been to here (Warwick being the other) - this one dated back to the 11th century, but when it was relandscaped many, many years later they discovered old Roman remains dating to the THIRD CENTURY. 

After visiting the Castle we drove to St. Fagan's which, according to a review Miles read, was like the Jamestown of Wales. It was pretty, but the better time to go (like most places) is in the summer as they have a lot of activities for kids and a lot more educational entertainment.

We stayed at an airbnb that night and then the following morning went out for breakfast and a quick stop to the Cardiff bay before heading back home.

Photo from the Cardiff City Center the day prior

We miss living near the water. The WARM water.

Cool building in the Roald Dahl Plaza which also has a soccer stadium (seen just behind) 
that was used during the London Olympics



  1. How neat! The pictures you captured are absolutely amazing!

  2. I love your adventures. That library is a dream!

  3. Wales is beautiful! I've never been and am adding it to our list. i love the sword fighting photos ;)

  4. I hope you go back in the summer! I would love to see all the fun activities they have for kids. Also, I've only ever toured Europe in the fall/winter, so all of my pictures are with cloudy skies and me wearing the same jacket in every picture-- to the point where I actually starting taking off my coat in freezing temps just so I could look different sometimes. Hah. It's like equivalent to Benjamin's Mickey superhero shirt for 6 months of travel.

    But, given we traveled in the off season, it was way cheaper, so I guess I'm not too sad about that!