June 13, 2017

Finn Turns Six

He endured a lot of changes this year - leaving behind a sweet group of little friends and a world that was familiar for a new house, new school, new country. If we were still living in the states he would have just finished up preschool and been off to kindergarten this fall, being "old" for his grade though undoubtedly still one of the smallest. Instead Finn is in Year 1 (kindergarten) here in England where he most definitely is one of the smallest in his class. School doesn't end until late July as the terms here make school a bit more year round though he will get six weeks off for the summer and we get to enjoy two week breaks in between each term. Living here will probably afford him the only opportunity to have his birthday celebrated while in school. He's adjusted well to his new school, though it took a little bit of time. But overall he's a resilient and adventure seeking little expat who now speaks with a slight accent on some words and phrases. 

He loves sports - he's currently enrolled in football (soccer) and goes weekly to his Ninja Skills class at Miles' gym (a hybrid of kids' crossfit and gymnastics). He asked for a basketball for his birthday and recently completed his first timed race and eager to do more. 

He's the self proclaimed "boss of pancakes" and eats a really impressive amount, especially given his size! He still doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, would pass on a donut if it has frosting on it (what!?), but at least requested an apple pie for his birthday (over cake which he doesn't really care for).

He can be thoughtful and sweet and infuriating and a really terrible listener. His imagination impresses us with his Lego creations and his new found enjoyment of Harry Potter makes my nerdy heart so happy.

He thinks Miles no longer has a job (fair enough) and that I should get a job at his school because some moms work there. Right now he says he wants to be in the Navy, though he gets a little motion sickness on boats, so perhaps he'll be a pilot as he is fascinated by different types of aircraft.

He is inquisitive and smart and asks unending amounts of questions. He saves his money to buy Legos and is eager to help with chores when he knows there may be a small reward involved. He can't find his shoes to save his life, but knows an impressive amount of Star Wars Trivia.

He's our rainbow, our delight, our headache, and now our six year old. Happy Birthday, Mr. Finn. We love you so much.

Finn Hidalgo: Mall Cop

Finn content with Apple Pie. Mary not content with her inability to reach the other desserts.


  1. Happy birthday Finley Daren! We love you 😘

  2. Happy birthday Buddy! I love the little guy you have become! You are so smart - just like your parents!! :)