September 8, 2017

Spreekt u Engels? Our Time in the Netherlands

Miles had an internship this summer working at Europol for about seven weeks. The headquarters is in The Hague, Netherlands so he left for that late June before Finn was out of school. Once school ended the kids and I joined him for the remainder of the internship which was a little over two weeks.

We were really fortunate to link up with the spouses of some of the people Miles was working with who also had kids which made for lots of great playdates and fun outings throughout our time there. We went to Madurodam, which is sorta like an amusement park - it has to scale miniatures of Holland attractions, but it actually is a war memorial for a George Maduro who was a Dutch resistance fighter and died at Dachau Concentration Camp. His family wanted to create something in his memory to showcase the beauty of Holland that he died fighting for. They wanted it to be happy and uplifting and it really is! We made it to the beach a few times (the North Sea is cold!), to a petting zoo, parks and playgrounds, etc. Miles and I got a date night in on a restaurant tram which was really neat and we got a day trip to Amsterdam to tour the Anne Frank House (we swapped kid watching to have Amsterdam be a kid free trip which was to right call given how busy and crazy it was!). I love how pedestrian and cyclist friendly the Netherlands is - the cars are SO cautious and aware. It felt like a really safe city to run in and not speaking Dutch was NEVER an issue as everyone speaks English! Dutch does seem like a funny hybrid of German and English though so there was a lot that made sense just based off phonetics. 

If it weren't for this internship we might not have made it to the Netherlands during our time abroad, but I'm so glad that we did and got to send a good amount of time there.



  1. I'm so glad you and Miles were able to have some time together without the kiddos!! What a fun couple of weeks!

  2. Your pictures here and on IG were some of my favorites. It's so beautiful there.