March 9, 2014

Finley and the Diggers

Around the time he turned two, Finn really began to identify and enjoy seeing construction vehicles, diggers in particular. His infatuation with them has only grown stronger.

Finn was given not one, but two copies of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site as Christmas gifts. My parents spent the holidays with us and I swear by New Years we had all read the book 50 times. When Aunt Kate recently came out to visit, Finn was sure to have her read it to him as well. You don't even need to read it anymore as he has the whole thing memorized!

My mom even gave him a stuffed digger like the one in the book. We had to take it away from him at night as we soon learned he would just stay up talking to the digger. So instead he started to put the digger to bed (in Mary's crib) and would say, "gotta be quiet" as he shut the door to the nursery.

While Finn clearly has a favorite in the digger (which he sometimes refers to as an excavator, because of course he knows the proper name), he loves any and all construction vehicles. There is some construction going on further back in our neighborhood and we usually go out to see the vehicles at least three times a week. If it's during the day, Finn knows that he can only watch as they are all at work. But if it's in the evening or on a weekend, he gets to walk up around and explore and now requests to take pictures with them. Every single time.

I'm starting to think that a Construction Zone should be the theme for his next birthday. Finn has more than his fair share of construction vehicles and can point out ones we see in the car - front end loader, scraper, back hoe, fork lift, bulldozer, trencher, you name it - he knows them all. I always look for construction vehicles when we are driving and find myself wanting to point them out to him even when he's not in the car with me! It's a fun phase he is in and I only hope he finds as much joy in life as he does in a digger.



  1. That last picture is pure joy! I adore Finn and his love of diggers. If he ever wants to see a Canadian digger, I have one parked outside my house all the time!

  2. So hilarious that you have to put the stuffed digger to bed so he doesn't pull all-nighters with it. Sounds like a construction theme would be perfect for him! How awesome that he's gotten up close and personal so many times, too--that one of him in the bucket needs to be framed!
    The closest our guys have gotten is the annual Touch a Truck in the fall. We really need to get that book. Both boys correct me too... but I don't have room in my brain to worry about the difference between a pay loader and an excavator, sheesh!

  3. I just can't believe how happy he looks in that last photo. I just love him and his zeal for excavators. And he'd stay up at night talking to the diggers? Oh, my heart is melting. What a cute little nugget he is!

    sidenote: I scanned my reader and thought this said Finley and the Duggars. Hahah.

  4. So hilar! I have that book ready for Kk's Easter basket. He is SO into trains tho so I'm worried he won't like it. We just got "Steam Train, Dream Train" that is supposedly the follow up to Goidnight construction site. Also omg that he stayed up talking the the digger hahHah

  5. That final photo is just *too* much! so cute and so EXCITED! You have to do a construction themed party- I can't wait until Grace is super into something (other than Backyardigans and Bubble Guppies!) and can dictate her own party.

  6. Finley & Gabe would be the best of buds! Gabe LOVES construction equipment too, and it helps that I work for John Deere ;) If you ever want anything Excavator, let me know!