November 11, 2014

Veterans Day {2014}

Several months ago I was driving when Finn randomly said, "when me was a baby, da nice ladies took care of me." He had recently found some pictures of him from daycare, so I knew where his train of thought was going. I said, "yes, honey, when you were a baby, Mommy was in the Army so some nice ladies took care of you while Mommy was at work."

"Mommy was in da Army."
"Yes, sweetie, but now I get to stay home with you."
"And Daddy is in da Army."
"Yes, he is."
"When me's bigger, I can go to da Army too."

I don't remember what my reply was. I think I had a mini anxiety attack and thought, "noooooooo!!!!"

Now that I am a parent I understand the reservations that even my extremely patriotic parents had about me joining the military. But I also know, just as my parents feel, should any of my children decide to join the military I will be extremely proud of them.Of course I never want them in harms way nor would we ever push any type of career on them. But I do hope they do something they are proud of and find satisfaction in and if that happens to be through service to their country, I will fully support that decision.

One day they will understand the significance of Veterans Day. And they will appreciate it in a more personal and meaningful way than most. At least I sure hope they do. But for now, a fun parade with trucks and trolleys and bands and flags will do just fine.

Thank you to all who have served and are still serving.

The old Vets on the front of this train/truck were so cute!
On the phone with our favorite Veteran 
America. Nom. Nom.


  1. You guys are the cutest. Best looking Army family ever.

  2. I love everything about this photo, down to your "da army" loving son. xoxo

    And I love that Miles is represented in these photos.

  3. Happy Veteran's Day to you and your family and thank you for serving! Also, your kiddos' patriotic gear is truly impressive. Love the leggings!

  4. Panic attack is right! But I love how sweetly patriotic they can be at this age... And adorable! Those leg warmers!

  5. tasty flag, eh, Mary? love you guys, and so thankful for your service.

  6. I just think these are cute cute cute, and had to come here and comment!! I love that you're on the phone with your favorite xox I can see you teary, and it makes me teary. xox

  7. Thank you for your courage and service.