November 27, 2015

Thankful for Walmart, Dyson, and Moscato

So our Thanksgiving morning started off super awesome with the discovery that Roscoe had fleas! Neither Miles or I have ever had a dog get fleas before so this made us feel really great and not at all like white trash. As gross as it was, I would like to point out that I stayed calm and just started doing what I could to address the problem. Miles definitely did the majority of the work tackling the issue, but was basically ready to burn the house down and was convinced this stuff only happens in trailer parks. A smidge dramatic, that one.

Nonetheless we were thankful that Walmart was open so we could get all the flea sprays and treatments for Roscoe and our house, we did approximately 80 loads of laundry, vacuumed the whole house (several times over after treating the carpets), cleaned couches, chairs, etc. Roscoe got two baths, spray treatments, and lots of comb throughs and the poor guy was confined to the garage for his Thanksgiving.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with several friends and cooked nothing, but brought all the booze. I'm really not painting a convincing picture here that we aren't white trash, but after speaking with several friends (clean and educated people!) it seems fleas are a huge problem in the South, Savannah in particular, and I'm almost surprised Roscoes has never had them before despite the fact that he was on a monthly topical treatment (though today we got some stronger stuff from the vet along with a pill that would kill any remaining little bastards that were clinging to him). The vet also said he can come back in the house and to just keep vacuuming for a few days as some dead fleas may fall off him. Gross. 

The only picture I took yesterday was of these cuties enjoying their Friendsgiving picnic. Mary was first in line to whine for food so was already stuffing her face in the high chair at this point.

Hoping you all had a less disgusting day of thanks! 


  1. Holy hell. That sounds like a nightmare. At least you have good taste in wine...
    I'm surprised Samson has never had fleas because we are terrible at keeping up with his topical treatment. We did have ants and mice this summer and I scrubbed the floors before the pest guy came I hopes of convincing him that we weren't living in filth. Not sure if it worked...

  2. Oh my gosh Caroline, our dog had fleas two weeks ago and I was equally as disgusted! And then I also did 80 loads of laundry and some severe vacuuming. I never saw one flea and our dig seems better now do hopefully that's the end of them. But seriously, gross.

  3. Shower thought: fleas are the dog version of lice. Both of which are from the devil. I'm so sorry.

  4. Hi. Our cats all got fleas when I was in middle school because we got a 3rd rescue and she infested them all. It was BAD!! We had traps on the floor, gave baths, combed them nightly (we would get dozens off of our one orange/cream coloured cat Simba - he had it the worst of them all, but he was such a sweetie. Broke my heart). But yeah, I felt like the white trash house of the neighbourhood because 1. None of my friends had pets and 2. Fleas are epically stereotypical of poor gross living!! It wasn't until our vet got all three cats on a flea killing medication until they finally went away. And we battled them for a good year! Collars, powders, sprays, glowing name it, if it was a flea control product, we had it.

    I'm sorry Caroline!! That stuff scars you!