March 10, 2016

Camping 101

Miles took Finn camping this past weekend. And by "took" I mean took him to our backyard. We figured it would be a good way to test the waters - if Finn got scared or it didn't pan out, then the living room was nice and close for an alternate campsite.

Miles set up the tent in the morning and Finn was so excited as we had been talking about it a few days prior. Due to some ran and a lingering cough Finn had we postponed a couple more days, so when the timing finally worked out he couldn't wait. He literally was so excited he couldn't nap. The only other time he skipped a nap out of impending excitement was right after he turned three and we told him we would be seeing fireworks the night of the 4th of July. 

Miles went out to the store to get a few things for a camping themed dinner and also picked up a cheap sleeping bag for Finn.  

Worth the $12!
We borrowed a fire pit from a neighbor and had some friends over for campfire hotdogs (and a salad and some other side dishes) and then we roasted s'mores. 

Finn can be picky with desserts (read, he doesn't like many! I may need to do DNA testing)
but I was happy he at least ate half his s'more. And happy I got to eat the other half.

When night came they laid mats and a blanket down, then slept in sleeping backs with another blanket on top. It did get down into the mid 40's, but they stayed warm and lasted outside all night! Mary and I slept comfortably inside in our beds.

Digger, Snuggle Monkey, and Turtle Light all joined the boys in the tent.
A check mark on the list of broken dreams


  1. Adorable, but I'm still stuck on the part where you said he hasn't missed a nap since he was barely three. He's FOUR AND A HALF. Benjamin hasn't napped since he turned three! Like woah. I'm missing some serious ME time. Like I feel slighted out of 1.5 years of it!

  2. This. Is. So. Fun! What a great idea! I have fond memories of childhood campouts in our yard and can't wait to do this with B.

  3. Oh, Caroline! This is soooo great! I can tell it meant as much for you and Miles as it did for Finn. We did this last summer with Cate. The three of us crammed into a two man tent. It got down in the 40's for us too and we would have made it had Brad not had to get up to use the bathroom at 3:30 am. At that point, we were all awake and decided to bag it. But it was fun!! Cate kept standing up and pointing at the stars through the mesh on the roof. Totally plan on doing it again this summer. And Brandy, I hear you on the naps!

  4. SO fun. At this rate you'll be able to tackle Rocky Mountain camping any day now, Finn!

    Also, I'm stuck on the nap part too. It's been YEARS since Ethan has napped! Keep at it, little buddy!