March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Having multiple events leading up to Easter provided the kids plenty of opportunities to practice their refusal to take even one nice picture so when Easter rolled around they were pros at ruining all photo ops. Well done kids, well done. Your father has taught you well.

Last weekend our neighborhood had an Easter Egg hunt which was so cute and a reminder to me how much I love this neighborhood - such a kind and fun little community. The kids ran around and picked up eggs and then some eggs had prize tags in them and they got to go pick out toys (that they definitely did not need). They both went home with little wooden train sets that fit with the one we already have (plenty of). 

Literally the cutest picture of the 20 I took
Her double chin delight kills me
Why oh WHY do we ask them to say "cheeeeese"?!
Finn got to have an Easter Egg hunt at his school and the same day we did our hunt for Stroller Strong Moms so Mary got many more treats. Instead of running around collecting eggs and putting them in her basket, she would pick up one, open it to get to the treat, eat or attempt to eat said treat, and then go to the next egg.

Miles is away at a course right now and won't be back for a few weeks so yesterday I decided to be brave and take the kids to church by myself. We went to later mass (because bless their hearts they slept in until 8:30!) and it poured while driving around looking for a spot, but fortunately stopped when I parked a few blocks away. I brought an umbrella just in case and am glad I did because it started pouring again just as church ended. Super. Carrying Mary in one arm and the umbrella in the other while trying to keep Finn close and hop over puddle after puddle made for a miserable trek back to the car. I stopped at one point to just rest my arm (Meatball gets heavy after a little bit!) and hope that the rain would subside. It didn't and we just got soaked.

Perfect. Just what I was going for.
Again, nailed it. Thanks, kids.

We found baskets after church and had Easter dinner with some friends so it still ended up being an enjoyable day. And now that Lent is over I can be reunited with my holy place, Target, and go stock up on clearance Easter candy!


  1. Your family is so adorable. Also, how does Mary have so many cute outfits? Put a cardigan on a little girl and to me they are perfect little angels who can do no wrong. Obviously, I don't have a little girl...

    1. And it goes without saying that Finn is a mini-hunk!

  2. So a few things. Why don't you bribe those kids with candy to take a solid picture? I threaten. It's so terrible, but I can't help it! I want that stinking picture, little nuggets. Plus, I feel like they owe it to me (or whoever is gifting them with such treats and stuff!).

    That romper Mary is wearing for that picture? OH girl. Stretch it out and send it to me. I want to wear it! Also, B used to do that with the eggs-- he'd just grab one and then eat. And even this year, he gets a sizable amount and is like... meh. I have enough. The fool doesn't realize MORE is better just yet. Hah.

    And finally, don't get to crazy with posting less than 24 hours later. I can't even sort through photos from yesterday and here you go writing a post! Love you, you speedy chicken!

  3. I think anti-picture genes are a dominant trait...but they still can't manage to look anything but adorable. Also, I want all of Mary's outfits.

  4. Ahh, these are so sweet. Where is that darling romper from? I love the shot of Finn soaking wet and Mary lifting her skirt on the church steps - too funny. Happy Easter!