June 21, 2016

Dadda! DC! Dory!

 Before we move Miles has to attend a course that takes places in Virginia. He's there for a few months so is living in a furnished apartment. This proved to be pretty comical when Finn told his teacher that Daddy got an apartment! Fortunately she is a military spouse herself so assumed it was related to the military and not our marital status.

This past weekend the kids (and dog) and I drove up to Daddy's apartment and got to spend a few days with Miles. While there we took a day trip to DC and got to meet up with some good friends and did a little sight seeing. 

These two just looking adorable.

Far too many of these, but I'm glad we live in a country that honors even the unknown fallen.
This picture is from the eternal flame which is the resting place of the Kennedys as well as that of their infant son Patrick who died at two days old and of their daughter, Arabella who was stillborn. Jackie wanted them buried with JFK and both babies were relocated to fulfill her wish. It was only 15 weeks after Patrick's death that JFK was assassinated. It's cruel all the tragedy that Jackie had to endure in her lifetime.
You can't see it in this picture, but the marker on the right just reads "daughter" and although born in a time when stillbirths weren't spoken of, it makes me sad that her name, Arabella, wasn't included. But at least when people visit the site, they know she existed.

My freshmen year roommate from West Point. Always wonderful spending time with her.
 . . . . . .

On Father's Day we took the kids to see Finding Dory. They were both SO excited and did really well. This was Finn's third movie in the theater, but Mary's first and she is much younger than Finn was when he went to his first movie. She started to get a little bored and needed to switch whose lap she was sitting in a lot towards the end, but overall she did great and seemed to really enjoy the movie. She is full on Nemo and Dory obsessed now!

Then on Sunday night we went up to Richmond to have dinner and walk around. The area we were in (Monument Avenue) was so beautiful and I definitely wouldn't mind going back to Richmond one day.

Getting filthy before dinner
Finn say these and said, "Mom! It's your favorite!" I was so proud. 
Robert E. Lee Monument on Monument Ave in Richmond. We were not surprised that it was facing the south.
A lot of the area we saw reminded us of Savannah or Charleston. I love these charming old cities.

Celebrating Father's Day with some delicious Cuban food.
Kids did really well on both the drive there (which was several hours longer than anticipated) and the drive back, but I mostly have Curious George and Bob the Builder to thank for that!



  1. You guys are just road tripping champs. I knew about Patrick and Arabella but I had no idea JFK's death happened so soon after, how tragic...

    It looks like a beautiful area and a great visit!

  2. Love this snippet into your life xo

  3. I love getting to see all these pictures! I fail to blog many photos anymore since my followers often follow me in both places, but I've obviously missed some gems. Your family is so beautiful. I bet visiting the JFK family plot was moving, especially because of his two children who also died so young. xo