June 6, 2016

Microblog Monday: Finn's School Pictures

I'm letting this blog get away from me, but not because I want to. I'll do a recap of my Run Across Georgia soon and preparing for that, both physically and logistically, just was such a time suck for the month of May. Well worth it, but a time suck nonetheless.

Because he has a summer birthday, Finn will do another year of preschool before heading to kindergarten in the fall of 2017. This will make him six when he starts kinder which is the age Cale should be turning this month. I couldn't help but feel a sting seeing pictures of little preschool graduates last month.

Finn had a great year at a really great school with just the nicest teachers. Only downside to his school year was that he took what are arguably the worst school pictures ever:

I mean, really. The photographer couldn't have attempted one more picture?! Needless to say I did not order any. The bottom one is sorta cute, but again, not worth the cost of even the cheapest package.

Good thing he has another year of preschool ahead of him, maybe he can redeem himself.


  1. Kindergarten--that does seem like such a big deal ❤️
    Those pictures of Finn will be fun to torment him with someday...

  2. Omg I love these!! Haha. But I don't blame you for not ordering. The bottom is a perfect snapshot of Finns moment in time with a stranger/inexperienced photographer!

  3. SO... because your blog never shows up on my blog when updated, I have totally neglected your blog for FOUR months. I have some catching up to do. Really, photog? Stupid. Glad you didn't order. I'm in the midst of my own photography hell over here, totally lamenting. So pricey.