September 18, 2016

Our Last Week in Savannah

I've got several blogs I need to get caught up on, but since tomorrow marks one week since we flew out of Georgia I figured I would start by sharing our last week in Savannah.

The movers spent three days packing up our house. Some of our things went in to storage for the next two years, some things got boxed to be sent over "early" and the rest was packed and crated and should arrive in England in about six weeks. We ended up moving in to a hotel for the last several days since we had no furniture and were living out of suitcases already. Despite the chaos that accompanies all moves, we were able to squeeze a lot in to our last week which felt like a nice way to wrap up our time in Savannah. I wish we got to live there longer as we had such a great time living in such a charming city. I'm so grateful for the friends made and the experiences and memories that we take with us.

One last date night:

My last class with Stroller Strong Moms:

 Lunch at one of my favorite places, Slys:

 Breakfast at the Funky Brunch:

Tunnel to Towers 5k:

 Beach trip to Tybee Island

Went to mass so Finn could practice his music note writing:

 Sold my car:

 Took a trip to the Savannah Candy Kitchen.
Mary was not happy she had to take a picture before she could tear into that bag:

Had a lovely girls' night with the most awesome cake:

House still for sale. Sigh.



  1. I've been wondering about the great that you were able to squeeze all of that in. That brunch joint looks so fun! I would so snap that house up if I were moving to the area, I'm shocked it's still on the market! Prayers it that the right family finds it, and soon. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the journey...

  2. I'm so glad you were able to squeeze some extra goodness into your last week. I feel the exact same way as Mary re: the candy. ;)

  3. I'm in love with this whole post. I don't even know where to start, but how about your SMOKING HOT BIKINI BOD! That cake looks damn good, but considering you look that hot, I'm not thinking for one minute that you had nearly enough of it. Hah. ;)