November 6, 2016

A Confident Chap

Finn started school last week. We moved a week after his school started up in Savannah so it made no sense to have him attend before moving, but we couldn't enroll him in a school here until we had an address and we didn't have an address for a month while we were house hunting. So, here we are in November and he's just now starting school.

Last school year he attended a wonderful school three days a week from 9-1. I really loved his school and was so sad to leave it. Had we still been in the states, Finn would have done five days a week of preschool. He has a summer birthday so even though he's old enough to attend kindergarten, we want him to be old for his class - not young. Unfortunately, holding him back wasn't an option here so he is in the British equivalent of kindergarten called Year 1. He's in a mixed class of Year 1 and Year 2 (kindergarten and first grade), so really he is one of the youngest (and smallest) in his class. It's not ideal, but it is what it is and we plan to just have him retake 1st grade when we move back to the states in 2018.

I toured a couple of schools here and then applied to the city council who handles admissions. He is attending a state (public) school, although they do require a uniform. I was very nervous about sending him off. Sure, there was the typical apprehension when you send your BABY off to kindergarten, but then factor in that he's so young/little compared to his classmates and he's starting late and he doesn't know anyway and this is the grade Cale should be in and, and, and. . . I just was all sorts of emotional about it.

Thankfully, Finn was excited to start school. He's a very adaptable kid - I'm not sure if it's just his personality or a product of the military life (probably both), but he adjusts well to new situations which I'm very thankful for. He had no reservations about attending and was very happy when I picked him up at the end of his first day. His teacher did tell me though that he had a hard time listening and a hard time sitting still. Part of me wanted to get defensive - because of course he had a hard time sitting still. He hasn't been to school since May and certainly not had a six hour day (even Miles' schedule isn't that intense these days!) but at the same time I know he's just going to need time to adjust and he can be a crappy listener - he is five. 

Fortunately the teacher he had Thursday and Friday (he has two teachers) said he did really well paying attention, sitting still, and listening. She let me know he seems social and she sees him play with other kids (which REALLY puts my worry about him being lonely at ease), but she did say he is behind on his phonics. Again, not surprised. He knows his letters and the sound they make, but that's about it. He's definitely not putting words together and reading like some of the kids in his class (they are also doing math that's above his level - which is again why I wish he could be in preschool this year, but I need to get over it). But his teacher thinks he will catch up soon and we will just work with him at home to help him get there. She did say, "he's a confident chap!" which made me laugh. Yes, that he is!

Honestly I'm not too worried about the academic side of things - that will come in due time. As long as he is happy and wants to go to school, that's what I care about most. This week will be his first full week (he started mid week last week) so I suspect he will be totally exhausted by the end of the week. But, our five year old is really putting in the longest hours of anyone in the house right now, so I've got to give him some credit for being the most hard working Hidalgo at the moment.

Trying to ask him about his first day, but
inconveniencing Lego time.


  1. Most hardworking Hidalgo- what a hunk <3

  2. He is totally the most hardworking (except for your running game, which is strong!). I love that confident chap you're raising and in due time, he will be right up there. Maybe it will take until you bring him back to the states (probably not), but if so, that's still exactly fine. The main goal is that he feels welcome and other kids are kind. Seriously, without that base, learning is impossible. I'm glad they are being awesome and I'm also grateful for George. xo

  3. It's wonderful how resilient kids can be even when it's not our ideal setup. You have such a good attitude about it and understanding what's most important. I hope it's continuing to go well for him and he's having happy days!