November 28, 2016

Proposal in Oxford

My sister and her (then) boyfriend Mike came to Oxford last week to visit us. Mike asked my parent's for their blessing to propose to Kate back in July when we all went to California so we were anxiously awaiting this special moment. He got in touch with me a little bit ago to let me know he was planning to propose to Kate while they were in England visiting us and asked me to think of a few places he could pop the question. We got a great suggestion from a friend for him to do it at the top of the tower of University Church as the views up there are hard to beat. 

In typical British fashion the weather was crummy they day the arrived and it wasn't looking to promising the following day, but thankfully by early afternoon the rain stopped and we were able to go into the city centre for lunch and for me to show Mike and Kate around Oxford. We met Miles, who had just picked Finn up at school, at University Church and climbed the 138 steps to check out the top. Mike wanted the family nearby and asked me to snap some pictures, but unfortunately the top of the tower was especially narrow (you have to walk single file around the top) so I couldn't really get a great angle on any of the pictures. But regardless it was really awesome to witness. Kate had no idea it was coming when it did and her surprise made the moment that much better.

I mean, really, this view is pretty awesome

View from the other sides of the tower:

I took a picture of him down on a knee, but you couldn't even see him in the picture. Mike asked, "I have two questions for you. 1. Can I be a part of your family? and 2. Will you Marry me?"

We had the best lighting as the sun went down. View of the tower (we were up above the clock), and the Radcliff Camera after we climbed down.



  1. So adorable.

    I would also love to be part of your family. <3

  2. I love that you were there when it happened!!

  3. He made you wait since he asked permission in July?!? Were you wondering if he got cold feet? It's really beautiful there! I'm happy for them! Can they plan a wedding at your brother's new place so you can see Roscoe? 😉

  4. Absolute perfection. Lucky man he is to join such a fabulous family!