December 28, 2016

My Favorite 2016 Christmas Gifts

In mostly unimportant, fairly useless blog post topics, here's a list of gifts I love from this year's Christmas haul:

This snow globe was a pre Christmas gift I bought myself. It plays "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and I find it so adorable and will love it even more when we move back to the states.

I found these cute ornaments at the shop where we purchased our Christmas tree. Apparently I really like Big Ben and double decker buses. 

I collect tea pots so was thrilled with this gift from Miles of an Alice in Wonderland teapot. Alice in Wonderland was written here in Oxford (Alice was the name of the daughter of the dean of one of the colleges here who was friends with author Lewis Carroll, an Oxford fellow).

These were a gift for Mary, but we have all enjoyed them. I've heard for a couple years how popular magnatiles are, but these, while slightly different, are cheaper and honestly equally enjoyable. My nephews own some and I'm glad we got a set though I seriously want to order more!

Legos! Finn got HOOKED up this year. Legos were his only request for Christmas and he got some from our friends Craig and Michelle, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Rob and Aunt Sarah, us, and Santa. I love how much he enjoys them, how good he is at following the directions to build a set and even better using his imagination to come up with his own creations. Bonus - no batteries.

If you were to ask Mary her favorite gift she would say her Paw Patrol presents, but she also got this baby doll and does really like it. I read once how a good way to promote diversity is to ensure your kids have toys that look different than them which seems like such a simple and smart idea to me. Plus I find it adorable when she acts like a little mama.

Books. I love setting out our Christmas books about a month prior. The kids love reading them because they haven't seen them in awhile and each year we add a couple it seems. Here are some cute ones my mom sent the kids this year:

Other honorable mention gifts - Miles shaved his beard! I have mixed feelings about the facial hair, but his clean shaved face was a nice (and I'm sure temporary) surprise. We gave Finn a piggy bank of a red British phone booth to store all his UK money in (he's saving up for more Legos, naturally) and my friend Brandy sent me a new Cale ornament as part of an ornament exchange I do with some baby loss friends. I love seeing his collection grow each year.

What were some of your favorite gifts this year?



  1. I got (I.e. ordered and wrapped for myself) a new set of solid silicone utensils. They're great. Also, I have new kitchen washcloths coming tomorrow. So fancy ;)
    Bode got loads of things but he'd probably say his favorite thing is a little baby snowy owl. We added to our magnatiles, which we love, but trying the knockoffs this time. He also got a bank, shaped like a sea turtle. To save money for more baby animals, of course!
    Thanks for continuing to blog. I love seeing parts of your life!

  2. You collect teapots?! I have one that was my grandmother's but other than that, ironically I've never owned one. Love magniformers! When I was 6 I had a specific doll on my list and apparently the only ones left were African American. It ended up being my favorite doll of all! So cool that you're doing that with Mary.

  3. Teapot! It's beautiful. I can't wait for B to be into Legos; it is a totally selfish desire because I think they are so fun. Looks like a good Christmas all around.

  4. Love your blog!!! So glad to keep up with you all and your wonderful adventures!! d

  5. Ugh. Claire owns SEVEN babies. She gets them as gifts and apparently everyone wants to buy her the BLOND ONE. I'd like someone to buy her a diverse baby for once!

    We were in Target the other day and her request is always to visit the baby aisle. So we strolled down and I commented about a set she already had that we saw and she said, "That baby don't look like me" and gave a little snarl. Made me totally sad.

    Love your ornaments.