December 24, 2016

'Twas the Night Before Christmas {2016}

Mid December we took the kids to visit Santa about twenty minutes outside of Oxford. It was my favorite Santa visit to date as they only allowed so many people in per time slot so there was no waiting in a long line, the kids got to speak with Mrs. Claus who informed them they had just made it on to the nice page (despite Finn informing her he has been a little bad in addition to being good), and then they got to take their time talking with a really authentic looking Santa. Finn was a man of little words during the encounter - I think it still feels too much like a celebrity sighting for him to be his usual chatty self and Mary was reluctant to speak to the strange man, though did whisper a few replies to some of his questions.

Then Santa gave them each a present as well as some food to leave for his reindeer. I had no desire to be in the picture, but Mary started to fuss and walk away so they asked us to hop in and Miles quickly did so then I felt obligated to as well, though I wish I just put my foot down and stayed out and let the kids be in it by themselves even if it meant Mary threw a fit because kids freaking out in Santa pictures are THE BEST anyway. 

We spent this past week in Paris which was so wonderful. but unfortunately I brought home a bad head cold and have been pretty miserable today, so I look forward to hanging out in my pajamas all morning while my kids entertain themselves with the far too many gifts they will be opening. Below was the result of checking our APO box today. My mom informed me that there are SEVEN more boxes en route. Oye.

The darling pajamas Mary is sporting are a gift my good friend Deborah got Mary LAST year, but they fit her perfectly this year. Mary is holding an ornament I got as part of a baby loss ornament gift exchange I do each year with some great friends. This one has  C in the middle of the heart for Cale and I love that he is "in" each of these pictures, though that wasn't actually my intent. I was just wanting a sweet picture of the kids looking at the Christmas books under the tree.

Santa got Mary a scooter this year and Finn is getting a couple Lego City sets. I really am excited to see the excitement on their little faces in the morning, but mostly I'm feeling thankful for the health of my family (head colds aside), and the opportunity to spend this Christmas together. 

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.



  1. English Santa and Mrs. Claus sound delightful! I love Cale's presence and I wish I could have a pair of Mary's PJs in my size. They are fab. Hope everyone is on the mend!

  2. Merry Christmas, friend! I know... I'm two weeks late.