January 30, 2017

Finn Dowen

Little update on Finn

He started football recently. And by that I mean soccer. He uses both words, and the other day asked when he could play football and I said, "you already are" and he said, "no I mean real football." Ha.

He also came home with this incident report last week and Miles and I were cracking up at his name, Finn Dowen. I'm guessing he was asked his surname and he said his middle name, Daren, instead. But a five year old American saying 'Daren' to a British adult resulted in 'Dowen' instead. 

I volunteered at Finn's school last week for their weekly trip to "Forest School" where they bus out to the woods and get to explore and learn about the things they see in nature as well as build things (like the den seen in the picture). The kids wear their wellies (rainboots) and warm clothes, but the school provides little raincoats and rain trousers for all the kids. Forest School is just for a couple hours one day a week, but I love that it breaks up the regular classroom day and love that they get to just learn through playing and being in nature.

Finn seems to be adjusting a little better to this term of school than he did last term. He isn't as reluctant for me to leave in the morning when I drop him off and thankfully still has a smile on his face each day at pick up.

In other cute Finn news, last night he asked us if he could throw something in the bin (the trash) and he sometimes says 'zed' instead of 'Z' at the end of the alphabet. No accent changes yet, but here's hoping!



  1. Forest School! Well that is the loveliest thing ever. Love that he's picking up some proper English-isms, ha.

    My mom likes to tell about her favorite language blunder from her student teaching days in England when she said, "put your books in the bin" and the kids thought it was the most hysterical thing ever.

  2. zed is best ;)
    this outdoor forest event is awesome.