February 9, 2017

That Time We Went Out Twice In One Weekend

Last weekend Miles and I had TWO date nights! The first was a Friday night where we were invited to attend the formal dinner at one of the colleges here. Each college (there are 38) hosts their own formal dinners somewhat regularly, but you can only attend your own college's dinner or be the guest of someone from another college. Some friends invited us to dinner at New College (don't let the name fool you - New College was founded in 1379) however, prior to going to dinner we attended Evensong, which is a fairly short religious service mostly sung by the New College choir. It was really beautiful and I'm so glad we got to experience it.

You sit on either side of the church and the choir is in pews in the middle (where I was standing for the picture).

The Formal dinners are held in the college's dinning hall at large banquet tables in (think Harry Potter, or for those of you from West Point - think one wing of the mess hall) and the food is often incredible - it's always a three course meal and some colleges (like Miles') also offer unlimited wine!

Then we got to go out again on Sunday, this time to a ball held at one of the nice hotels in town. The "spring ball" which was very obviously held in the winter was put on by the international students association and it was just a fun excuse to get dressed up and have a fun evening. It also happened to be my birthday that night and who doesn't love wearing a billion sequins on their birthday!?

One of the event organizers heard that it was the birthday of one of the students and one of the guests (me) the day of the ball so they had cupcakes and a cake brought out which was so, so sweet and so, so unfortunate that I happened to be in the bathroom when they brought it out signing 'Happy Birthday.' Oh well, didn't stop me from eating three cupcakes later on!

It was a nice weekend and my birthday was definitely a special one that I'll remember. No pressure for next year, Miles! ;)


  1. Well you ARE so fancy, huh?! I love that dress on you. Seriously, you rocked it. And how sweet that there were cupcakes and cake. I mean, night out plus cake definitely = great birthday, IMO.

  2. Omg! The Harry Potter dining hall! Sequins! Unlimited wine! It's the birthday weekend of my dreams. Glad you had a good one.

  3. So glad you guys got out twice in one weekend!! Both events sound like so much fun and you looked stunning!