July 6, 2017

Trip Recap: Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland

I still have a few more posts to do on our April travels with Miles' parents, and hope to be caught up on all blog posts my the end of this month.

After our time in Northern Ireland we took the ferry to Scotland stopping in Glasgow for just one night. I'm sure there's a lot more to the city than we saw during our brief time there, but we also felt like one night was a good enough time to spend there as it was Edinburgh we were far more enchanted with. While in Glasgow we went to the Glasgow Cathedral which was really incredible. It reminded me so much of what I picture the Cathedral in Pillars of the Earth to be like. 

We also very briefly walked around the downtown area after a nice dinner stopping in front of Glasgow City Chambers for a couple of photos.

The following day we went to a museum in Glasgow that was all things planes, trains, and automobiles. Museums in the UK are free which has been such a perk to living here! Also, random AstroTurf giant chair at entrance:

I thought we were in Edinburgh for two nights, but looking back through pictures I realized it was only one! We managed to squeeze a lot in, but also knew we'd be back the following month for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. We did another city bus tour which is a great way to see a lot in a little amount of time and take a break from all the walking. We hoped off the bus to check out the Edinburgh Castle which is the most massive and impressive castle we have been to yet. Pictures don't really do it justice because of how hard it is to capture each part of the castle, but it was really neat exploring and we easily could have spent more time there.

Castles are exhausting  

After Scotland we drove home. It's about a six hour drive so we stopped in Carlisle, England for lunch and a quick walk outside the Carlisle castle.

We had two nights back home in Oxford with a day trip to Bath (next post) before we headed in to London for the Marathon. 


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