February 3, 2011

Our Little Guy

Yesterday I had a very good Doctor's appointment. I'm just around 19 weeks, but the baby is still measuring closer to 20. Each ultrasound we've had, he has been measuring a little bigger which is great. I'm sure once he's more developed he might start to even out with his gestational age, but he can be an eager beaver as long as he wants and I won't complain!

The overwhelming feelings before and after the appointment were of hope and excitement. But going into each appointment, I do get scared. I fear hearing bad news and I know that I'll be a little nervous each time. But it doesn't change how excited I am either. And after the appointment, it makes me even more excited and hopeful because I was just reassured of how he's doing and I just got to see him. But it's hard to not still think of things in terms of if's and not when's. To counteract that, Miles and I will force ourselves to talk about the future and things we want to do with this baby. We'll ask each other things like "what is the first trip you want to take with him?" or "Where do we want to spend the holidays?" Doing so, helps us envision the future we are hoping for, even if we are scared about getting there.

I guess I wanted to say all that before sharing the pictures as it's important for me to relay to people that yes, this is wonderful, and yes, there is lots to be excited about, but we need you to know that it's not easy either. But I fully believe that this baby, and any baby I am fortunate enough to be carrying deserves to be as loved as possible and in doing so that means looking forward to his arrival and celebrating everything about him - such as his totally awesome ultrasound pictures below!

I thought it looked like his hand was saying "word" . . . or maybe "wud up"

Here's our little guy.  Just hanging out - especially in the last one with his little legs crossed.

I think this is my favorite one. He's deep in thought. Very pensive, just like his daddy.
(In case you are having a hard time seeing it - his little hand looks as if it's resting under his chin)

Pretty neat, isn't it? :)


  1. Yes, these are indeed very neat. He seems like a very peaceful baby already. Just keep him fed, changed, napped, and happy and he'll be a cinch to care for!

  2. Awwwe!!! I love babies and watching them grow inside a mother!! Cant wait to hold the little guy!! Love you :) PS I will go to any appt with you since M cant!

  3. I'm so glad things are going well! The pictures are priceless. How sweet!

  4. So precious! Those are great pics!

  5. I love the pictures of baby!! How precious! I love the 4D, too...it is so neat to be able to see what the baby really looks like! That is something I regret not doing with Harper, we were planning on waiting a little longer but it didn't work out. It is is good to know that you can see so much detail at this gestational age. Grow baby, grow!!

  6. WOW! Congratulations Caroline and Miles! Thank you for sharing your photos and heart-felt comments in your blog. I can understand how excited and anxious you are with this new pregnancy. We are so happy to hear that everything is going well. Lots of Love from Switzerland.