January 11, 2012

Meet Maddox

My sister-in-law Jenny gave birth tonight (also my dad's birthday) to the newest member of the Hidalgo Family.

Maddox William Hidalgo
8 lbs, 19 in

 Jenny was admitted to the hospital at 3:43 and delivered Maddox at 5:04. Labor with both my boys was about ten hours. So naturally I hate her a little bit. Oh and this was her second natural delivery. Sick right? Yeah, I know. Sick. While we're at it, can we talk about how pretty she looks in that picture. Who does she think she is!? In all seriousness, I adore my sister-in-law and am so excited that Maddox has arrived safe and sound. Jenny never took one moment of this pregnancy for granted. She's been an amazing source of support and love for me since losing Cale and has just been someone, who despite never going through what we did (fortunately), has never stopped reaching out and never stopped loving Cale just as much as she loves Finley. She's a wonderful friend and sister and even more wonderful Mom. I'm so excited for the new adventures their already beautiful family will have and I can't wait to meet my new nephew.


  1. So handsome, just like his cousins :)

    And seriously, under 2 hours?! Jealous!

  2. She does look amazing...I have a feeling I will look the exact opposite!
    He's a cutey for sure and I'm glad to hear as well that he's safe and sound!
    Congrats to you all!

  3. So happy for the safe arrival your nephew Maddox. My labor with Kai was 17 hours! So I hate her a little bit too (just kidding) she looks amazing. I always look like I got run over by a bus. Congrats and glad to hear if a live healthy baby

  4. She's beautiful and looks happy. Love that in a momma. :)

  5. Awww congratulations! So happy Maddox arrived safely!