January 27, 2012

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I don't think I ever shared my decision on my phone dilemma. And I'm sure you were just losing sleep at night about it. Well rest assured, we ended up making a decision and going with the iPhone. One of my favorite things about it is how clear the videos come out. These were all taken on my phone. Although I do have some cute videos of Finn and my dad on the actual video camera, so I'll need to download those (and proceed to make my sister cry). Anywhoo, here are a few of the more recent videos I've taken:

The Ba-Ba's started a couple of weeks ago. So stinkin' cute:

I was getting ready for a run and turned around to see these two cute boys. Daddy makes everything so much fun:

This was when I came home from work the other day and left Finn in the car seat while I unpacked the car and brought things in the house. As I was putting away some things I hear this silly little noise:

And this was while I was writing this post. Finn was rolling all over (hard to keep him contained to a blanket anymore) and he just starting "Ahhhh"-ing. Must be a fascinating picture book.

In other news, our house if officially on the market. Anyone want to buy a home in Columbus, Georgia? Dog not included.


  1. Caroline, the videos are adorable!!! He’s such a little cutie!!!! Thanks for posting! Love you!

  2. The video quality is great! How does the picture quality compare? I get my free upgrade in March and I'm trying to figure out which phone has the best photo/video package. That's what I use it for the most and my current phone stinks!

    And of course the videos are even better because of the darling subject...Marie and Erik got to watch with me keep saying they want to see "another bideo of Finwey!"

  3. Naomi has the same jumper! It was originally for Victoria of course. At 4 1/2 months she's just now starting to not just sit there and look goofy when we put her in it. Yes, he is very adorable.

  4. These videos are so cute! Finn is adorable! I love the video my iPhone takes :) And I take some pretty awesome pics with it too! You should try the instagram app if you haven't yet. Good luck with selling the house!