July 15, 2012

The Pre-Digital Era

Ok, it's been a little while (not really), but my friend Jodi wants updates so I must oblige.

It's been a busy few weeks. We made the 12+ hour drive from Georgia in one day and got our keys to our house the next. My mom came to help us unpack a couple days later - only our furniture didn't arrive as planned and there was nothing to unpack for a week. So when our stuff did show up we had two days to unpack and set up as much as we could before we headed out to Arizona on another 12+ hour drive. We stayed there one night, left Roscoe with my parents, and then drove out to California to be with Miles' older brother and his family. Great trip there - Jenny is cancer free! - and after about a week in lovely, beachy, I-wish-I-was-richy, CA, we made the trip back (with another overnight in AZ).

So for the last few days we have been continuing to work on the house and get settled. We also went down to Austin yesterday to check it out and I made my first trip to an Ikea, which felt like an amusement park.

In the process of moving in, I have been trying to weed through things I don't need and get rid of some of the clutter. Probably would be a better idea to do this before moving, buuuut it is what it is. While working in the guest room I came across a large Tupperware bin full of old pictures. I took most pictures out of frames that can be donated to Goodwill (I swear I never need to should buy another picture frame in my life), and sorted through all the hard copies of pictures I had . . . back when hard copies were all you had. I ended up throwing out a bunch of negatives, too. I decided if I really wanted a copy of a picture, I would just scan it and didn't need to bother hanging on to old negatives I probably will never use (can you even get pictures printed from negatives?).

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures from back in the day:

 When my sister and I were younger, my mom would put our hair in those pink foam curlers so it would be nice and curly the next day - usually this was done before Christmas pictures and dance recitals. Thankfully it wasn't a regular occurrence because we slept in those!

 I guess my poor posture started at a young age. And why wasn't my brother Superman to go with the theme? Besides, I'm not sure if the Devil really wears knee-highs.

 Playing dress up. Notice the cross-stitch hanging in the background? That's now in Finn's room :)

One of my favorite things about growing up in Arizona was being on a summer swim team. I was never very good, but I have always enjoyed swimming and attribute it to starting at a young age. It's something I'm looking to do with Finn in the near future.

Somewhere there is an even better picture of Kate in her "Me Old Bamboo" attire and me in my "Hot, Hot, Hot" outfit. I'm so glad we took tap and jazz lessons. Clearly, they've attributed to my dance skillz (which is probably a mix between a 60 year old doing The Shout (ahem, Mom) and someone you'd see doing Ellen's Dance Dare)


I'm going to fast forward a decade or so to high school. Won't really share too many pictures as there were too many that made me laugh and I obnoxiously sent text messages to a lot of my friends while going through those anyway. Here's a cute one with my three closest high school friends. To this day we are in touch and email each other once a month (unless you are Dana and are two weeks late for your July email).

The main thing I wanted to share from high school was part of a "High School Time Capsule" journal I had written in. It was just this cute book to document things from high school and life at that time - such as how much did a stamp cost ($.34), what were the popular crazes (Tae Bo), what was the homecoming theme (Viva Las Vegas), and so on.

There is also a part called "My Future Life" and in it you write what point you think you'll re-read this book and what you'll be doing at that point in your life. Apparently I shouldn't be married for another year, but looks like I was pretty damn psychic about Miles:

Pretty funny huh? I guess that was my idea of Prince Charming back then and still is today (especially the buys random things for me bit). Not sure if Miles will be career military, but I was right about Rob (although he's a pilot). However Kate is not an Interior Designer. There was also a part about kids. I wrote that I would have two or three and said either three boys or two boys and a girl. I guess if we have another I will be right about that too regardless of what we have.

So there you have it. This isn't really an update so much as a blast from the past. Happy, Jodi?



  1. Those pictures are priceless! How cute!!! And first time to an Ikea, huh? It can get pretty crazy in there. We can't leave without sharing a plate of the Swedish meatballs in the cafe, yum...

  2. I love every photo, brings back such awesome memories. We were very lucky to have the childhood we did. Quick question, last time I checked, that supergirl and devil photo was in my house. Did someone accidentally pack it in their suitcase when they were visiting?.....You're getting me back for all of the years of sock stealing, aren't you?
    My favorite part about the pics is remembering your bangs. I love that mom couldn't help but start them in the middle of your head. Bangtastic.
    I think you should start living up to that time capsule and go for #3:)
    I can't wait to see Finn's swim glamour shots. Love you!

  3. My cheeks hurt from laughing. Love it!

  4. Love this post!! The pictures and time capsule are priceless!!

  5. I loved this post. Love it. Too bad I'm 3 days late because it doesn't come through my feed for some reason and I always forget to check what's not directly in front of me!

    That's incredible about Miles. I bet he cracked up when you shared it with him. Love it all.

  6. Your blog does not come through my feed either. humph.

    I am suprised your future plans didn't just say..I wil marry Miles, because how were you so ACCURATE!

    The pictures are awesome!

  7. I love the pictures! Way to know what you were looking for in a husband :)

  8. I had the same Supergirl outfit! Love it. You are too cute. And psychic!

  9. Love. I remember you at those ages. :)