July 21, 2012

Random, Hodge-Podge of a Blog

Lots of random things will be dumped in this post. Not really sure where to even begin so I'll just jump right in . . .

First and foremost, our little boy took a few steps tonight! Miles claims he kinda did this already when we were out in California. Not being there to see it, I have my doubts (or am just in denial), but he said that in CA he was kinda falling forward while stepping. So that doesn't count. But tonight, with mom and dad present, he very clearly took a few steps in a row before grabbing on to Miles. Whole new world out there we are about to discover. Can't wait.
Last weekend we had crazy bad storms. I guess central Texas isn't used to very hard rain because I realized, when fretting over my flower beds, that none of the houses here have gutters! I also am realizing more and more how much I am turning into my mother as I hurried outside during the rain to place buckets and watering cans under the ledge of the house to collect rain water for my potted plants. At night the power went out a few times when there was some loud thunder and lightning. It totally freaked Roscoe out. Finn was sound asleep thankfully. But Roscoe was shaking for a good 30 minutes. I told my mom about it and she said I needed to get him a "Thunder Jacket". . . I had never heard of one before. Have you? Kinda funny. Apparently they reduce anxiety that some dogs get during storms. No, we did not order him one. Roscoe just needs to man up.

Image from here

On Monday I went to the local library here which is really nice. I got myself a library card (evidence #2 from the week that I am my Mother) and I got the information for story time and toddler activities I can bring Finn to. It was a total "Mom" thing to do - I loved it. Across the street from the library is a nice looking pet adoption facility. . . I'm afraid if I step foot in there I will come home with three new dogs.

While pinning a billion things on Pinterest during the week, I came across these two things that I just thought were really, really funny. It was also pretty late at night.

So very true:

Random. But funny at 11pm (yes, that's my definition of late):
Texas is hot. I know, surprise, surprise. But seriously - it's miserably hot here. I thought that it would be nice to escape the humid and muggy summers of Georgia and figured that Texas might be more like Arizona in that it's a "dry" heat. But no. It's muggy here and the temperature routinely is in the triple digits. Sick. Makes me so thankful we splurged a little extra for the remote engine start for my car. Also, I often take Roscoe with me when I run errands (he loves car rides) but I leave him in the car with it running (and locked).  Yet I'm always paranoid that someone is going to see me getting out of the car and think that I'm just going to leave him trapped in that sweat box instead of the crisp 68 degrees it's set at, so I always say in a loud voice, "ok buddy you hang out in this nice air conditioned car" or something along those lines so total strangers don't judge me. But really, they probably don't even notice and I'm just paranoid because I totally would call animal control on someone if they left their dog in a hot car and it wasn't running.
Finn and his buddy Maddux went to Sam's Club a few days ago. I bought Ziploc bags and Boogie Wipes. Exciting times people, exciting times.


Lastly, I am making these tomorrow and cannot wait. 

Happy random weekend everyone.


  1. My grandparents live in Texas and my mother was recently visiting them, she told me at one point the humidity was so bad that she took a breath and wasn't sure she actually got any air... Haha but yuck!

    I think it's funny your turning into your mom.

    Having walking baby is a whole new adventure! It's awesome to watch them learn such amazing things isn't it?

    I would totally buy the thunder dog jacket for Roscoe. :)

  2. Love boogie wipes.

    I read the "he's just a poe boy" with the song in my head... Does everybody? :)

    I've been thinking about a library card... If I were truly like MY mother, I would promptly lose it. ha

  3. Walking?!? Whole new adventures headed your way!

    Omg...I knew you were good people, but seriously you crack me up! The thunder jacket?!? I'm so with you, man up dog! I have one that won't go outside when there is thunder or fireworks. Man up is the best way to put it! I'm a firm believer that real dogs don't wear anything, but a collar! Ha!

    Banana bites...yummmmm. I'm going to have to try those out as well! Wish you lived closer! Now I'm going to have to look for you on Pinterest!

  4. 1. I LOLed hardcore at the Poe boy.
    2. I'm totally my mother as well. And I love the local library.
    3. Cooper needs a thunder jacket! David and I have been talking about it for ages, but instead we just put him under a blanket on our laps when it storms.

  5. That's funny, our big bad guard dog tries to come snuggle as close to us as possible anytime there's thunder, too.

    Every time I hear Bohemian Rhapsody I think of Devon in that video at school...

  6. Yay for walking! Super exciting!

    I really enjoyed the Poe picture...and it's 10:45, so it's pretty late for me too! :)

    The thunder jacket. Is it lame that we actually thought about getting one of those for our 70 pound dog? I say kinda. But it's true. Wally is terribly afraid of storms (and fireworks, and fireworks sounds on TV, weird dog). He's actually so afraid of them, that he sniffs the doors when the sky gets dark, if he smells rain, it's straight upstairs in the bathtub. And there he'll stay, for hours after the storm has passed. Poor pathetic dog! :)

  7. Love this random post! Yay for Mr. Finn - what a big boy!!! And thank you very much, I now have Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my head! :)