October 8, 2012

Gallery Wall

The other week I finally finished my gallery wall. Over the last couple months I purchased a bunch of frames (mostly on clearance, at the dollar store, or at Walmart), spray painted them white and started picking our pictures/prints that I wanted to use. Then I tried numerous layouts and configurations. I'm super OCD and had a hard time deciding how I wanted the pictures to be displayed and spaced from one another. I finally let a layout sit for a day until I realized I hadn't made any changes and decided that would be a good one to go with. And go figure, once I got to hammering, I changed my mind. There just ended up being too many smaller picture frames (4x6 and 5x7) and I ended up just sort of winging it with how the pictures were hung. And I think I only have three "extra" nail holes in the wall. So, here's my new gallery wall which hangs over Gray Gertrude:

Here are the individual frames up close. The picture of these pictures isn't the greatest as I did it at night and you can see the glare on some of the frames. Oh well, you get the point:

Cale's Sunset Beach Picture by Carly Marie. I ordered this in an 11x14 sized print which I got free through Shutterfly by redeeming some of the Pampers Gifts to Grow codes I've been entering:

One of my favorite pictures or Daren (and Roscoe):

One of the many Pinterest map ideas I've pinned. Were we met, got hitched, and became a family. I made the maps by going to Google Maps and zooming in to where I wanted and just putting a heart around the area in PowerPoint and cutting it out:

Our cute nephew at last year's Team Daren Event. 
For info on this year's event, check out this post (three weeks left to order a shirt by the way):

 The following two prints I got off of this site which I found through Pinterest:

A sweet picture of me and my dad when I was a little girl. I believe this was taken when we drove up to the mountains in Arizona to pick up our yellow lab Annie who we had for many years when I was growing up. Poor Annie had a thyroid issue and was a big, fat dog. But a sweet big, fat dog.

Newborn Finn in Daddy's hands. I wish my photographer would move to Texas. 
And everywhere else we move to. For the rest of my life. :

I had seen many of these on Pinterest and wanted to make one for our Family. 
Yes, I'm older than Miles. Just call me Mrs. Robinson. For the age. Not the scandalous-ness. 
(and yes, his middle name is Sebastian - admit it, 
you like him a little bit more now that you know that little gem):

My beautiful sister and Finn back when we was a wee baby and we visited Colorado last October:

 I originally intended for these to be hung, but decided I liked the look on the dresser. Cute pic of Finn was taken when he was 7 months old and the picture on the right was taken on our 4th Anniversary (the first we got to celebrate together!) only 11 days before Finn was born.

The day or so after I finished this project I got the nicest package in the mail from a friend - she made me a frame with the ee cummings line "i carry your heart with me. i carry it in my heart" so I will need to find a spot for that and a picture for it (I'm thinking one of my maternity ones with Cale). Also, I had a few other pictures I wanted to include, but they were 4x6 and just didn't work. I have a cute one of Miles and all of his siblings at his graduation and one of me and my brother when we went skydiving together. And a million other printables I liked, but oh well - I'm happy with how it all turned out. One less thing on the to-do list!



  1. Love it!
    I'm so jealous of you DIY people, with your dressers and custom coordinating frames. I'm the words greatest procrastinator, and not all that personally craft oriented... But my dream is to have a home filled with all the personalized art and decor I find on pinterst!
    Aside from my envy, I love seeing others pump out projects!! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Awesome work! I love it!
    Ben and I are two months apart, and I am older...uhg and '84...mine would read '79!
    Love how you did the maps from google!
    I have been collecting pieces for mine.
    I want to incorperate a few things from diesel and then from Ben's work in Ranger Batt to add to the mix!
    Oh and I will text you a pic of a new fam member coming soon...and not in 9 mon!

  3. Ooo! I love it! It turned out SO well!!

  4. Wow-I love this!! I want to do the same thing in the stairway going up to our bedroom but I'm not as crafty...wish I would have started on it and had you help me this weekend! (Like we had any extra time! ha!). I really like the map idea and the picture of the dates for you, Miles, Finn and Cale!

  5. Love it...down to every last detail. Also, I think I have those same candle pillar holders. Target?

  6. I love it all. Especially the the incredible meaning behind it all. Left a happy lump in my throat.

  7. Looks great. Oh how I love a sentimental gallery wall.

    Miles's middle name is super cute! I seriously love it. Makes up for not having a cute animal last name.

  8. Love the gallery and the pictures you chose! Looks great!

  9. Nice work, Caroline---it looks fantastic! I love all of the photos and really like the heart maps---so sweet. When exactly can you come back to Denver to decorate my home?

  10. Awesome! It all turned out beautifully.
    I also wanted to say that I think of your oist about your parents anniversary often. I loved that post and your family and all that love.

  11. I love it! So beautiful and so much meaning in all the pictures/prints :) I'm still planning mine in my head- lol! One day I'll get it together.

  12. I'm super behind in blog reading so get prepared for a butt load of comments! This looks so beautiful I both love and am super jealous of your awesomeness!