October 24, 2012

I'll take you to the Pumpkin Patch. . .

I don't really have the greatest pictures from the Pumpkin Patch this past weekend. It was a fairly lazy day (meaning Miles wanted to stay home and watch college football all day), but I dragged him to a local pumpkin patch for a little bit anyway. Finn was pretty much as sassy as his daddy and had very little interest in being there much less posing for any picture. Exhibit A:

At first Finn didn't want to walk around. So we put him in a wagon. Then he didn't want to be in the wagon. Typical toddler. Miles asked before we left the house if I wanted him to change. The cool wife said no, he was fine in what he was wearing. But secretly, I wanted him in something matchy. Because I wore plaid (as all people should wear to a pumpkin patch) and if my boys hadn't been so darn sassy maybe we could have had a cute family picture taken on the hay stacks. But noooo. . .. Ron Dayne jersey it is. Go Wisconsin.

Finn's mood immediately improved when he got to carry around his own pumpkin.

But overall, not a total bust. We got to do something that felt a little fall-ish (even though we were all sweating that day as it was in the high 80's. Thanks Texas), and we now have some cute pumpkins outside our door. But the cutest one of all is this little one who wanted to push the button on the camera while taking his picture. He's my favorite lil pumpkin. Sassiness and all.



  1. I love the pumpkin patch. Jared has the same attitude as Miles about it though. Ugh! But Finley carrying that little pumpkin is so stinking cute!

  2. How fun! I love that we're able to create these memories with the little guys at things like the pumpkin patch. Finley is so handsome standing there with his little pumpkin!

  3. Aww shucks...fall in Texas...if only you were stationed at ft Lewis! :)
    Of course Finn is adorable in all his sass!
    How you wore a long sleeve plaid shirt in that weather behoofs me...Geesh ya should have just cut the sleeves out to look like a good ole Texan! :)
    Fun family memories!!

  4. Oh I feel ya. We went to the pumpkin patch in 90 degree weather and my husband and son were matchin in their yankees baseball shirts for the MLB playoffs. Ugh. Kinda cute but not pumpkin patch plaid cute :).
    You do have an adorable little pumpkin named Finn. Another fun fall activity he may like is painting the pumpkins. He could use his hands and do it all different colors. We did that last week. :) happy Fall.

  5. I saw Miles in his flip flops, and thought, that's riiiiiight...y'all are southern folk!
    Must be nice. I'd love to be dressed lightly all year long.
    You guys look cute as can be

  6. Um, how many teeth does that kid have!? Wow.

    You look adorable, of course. I sort of laughed at the jersey, because I'd totally want Elliot to be more "fall-like" as well. Obviously you wear plaid to a pumpkin patch. Even in Texas. In the freakin' heat.

    And Finn in those cute shoes? omg.

  7. Yeah, my husband doesn't participate in the matchiness. I don't really know why, but it's kind of a thing with him. I made him wear a semi-matching sweater for our Christmas pictures last year, and he was not impressedwith me. But he did like how the pictures turned out...so go figure!

    Love the pictures of Finn, from sass to full toothy grins. Precious!

  8. Super cute photos. My hubby would be the same, then he'd come home and complain I didn't ask him to change because he doesn't like the photos. ha. ;) Plaid is where it's at, btw. :)

  9. You look adorable. I was totally annoyed that David wore a Cardinals pullover to the pumpkin patch. Sigh...

  10. Funny that our husbands know to ask us if they should change. I always have these great photo shots I have in my head that are ruined by clothing choices or lack of cooperation! Glad you got the boys out of the house! I count that as a win!