April 10, 2014

The One in Which I Avoided a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Really Bad Day

On Tuesday evening I was headed home when I remembered we needed napkins and I wanted to get some descaling solution for our Keurig that is on the fritz. Since I was right by it, I decided to just run into Walmart. Finn had wanted to wear his rain boots out anyway (it wasn't raining), so he fit in just fine (let's be real - he was still better dressed than most patrons).

I checked out, and then foolishly I placed my wallet in the cart next to the carseat and not back in my diaper bag. I was parked right next to the cart return and put the shopping bags and Finn in the car and pushed the cart into the cart return, grabbed the carseat and put Mary in the car. Then got in and drove away. This was close to 6pm.

The next morning, shortly before 10am as we were getting ready to go to the gym (Finn's open gym - no gym for me. Ha), I was loading the kids in the car when I realized my wallet wasn't in my diaper bag. I ran back inside and checked the counters and when I didn't see it I immediately remembered putting it in the cart, but could not remember taking it out of the cart when I loaded up the car. I was instantly sick with worry and told Finn we couldn't go to the gym because mama had to go look for her wallet. "We need a new wallet at da store." Yeah, buddy - not that simple. I called my sister in near tears to tell her I think I lost my wallet and was driving back to Walmart to see if it happened to be turned in. But of course I was going to worst case scenario - it's Walmart for crying out loud, I surely was going to have to cancel my cards, get a new license and military ID, I was thinking of all the things I had in there that I couldn't replace - Target and Hobby Lobby gift cards, sweet notes from Miles, and even though they could be replaced, I carry a picture of Miles with Daren and a copy of Cale's sketch with me. I was just sad thinking those were gone. My sister told me not to jump to conclusions and to just hope that people are better than you think.

As we are walking into Walmart Finn says, "Mama, I need to go potty." He JUST went when we left the house, but I'm not going to NOT take him - so I waited until the handicapped stall was open and I could bring Mary in and take him to the bathroom. Sure enough, he needed to go so I'm glad he told me, but I was just in such a hurry to see if my wallet was there before calling and canceling all of my cards! I got to customer service and asked if anyone had turned in a wallet to lost and found and they called back an associate who said she thought she saw one. I said, "it's pink with a gold zipper" (it's actually cute, I swear) and just held my breath while she went back to look. And sure enough . . .she came out holding my pink wallet with everything still in it - to include the $1 in cash I had on me. Of course I cried a little bit - mostly out of relief for the huge pain it would have been to replace everything on a short timeline since we are moving in two weeks, not to mention the potential identity theft and fraudulent charges that could have occurred! The moral of this story is twofold. One, don't put your wallet loose in a shopping cart. And two, the people of Walmart are good! Their attire may be cringe-worthy, but if you can leave your wallet in a Walmart parking lot and have it returned, untouched - then there's hope for all of humanity.

After we left I had to go to a doctor's appointment, but told Finn we would go to Chic-Fil-A for celebratory milkshakes. "Mama, I want da french fries!" Ok, kid - you got it. We drove through the drive through because I wanted to pay for the person behind me. Since I just lucked out by someone doing a good deed for me and returning my wallet, I wanted to go pay it forward.

We stopped at the park on our way home and ate our lunch and then Finn ran around and played for a little bit before we headed home. It ended up being a really nice day, the only loss of the day was some bread I left too close to the edge of the counter:



  1. I'm so glad you got your wallet back! I get really anxious when I can't find things- keys, wallets, phone. Mostly phone… ;)

    And Grace is our "dog" in the family. I often find her eating pieces of bread she's pulled off the counter and dropped onto the floor. The other day she had 4 mashed pieces on the go. ha!

  2. Oh I was teary reading this. I love that you paid it forward. That, just that, is part of the a hundred reasons why I adore you.

    I have lost more stuff since becoming a Mama it is insane. I lost my keys ON MY PERSON. They were in the hood of my jacket. How is that possible you ask? You go to your parents with the diaper bag, babe in arms and in winter gear. You undress the baby and hand her over. You then take off your coat and realize the car keys are still in your hand. So you set them ontop of your coat on the bench by the door...INSTEAD of the place they belong, clipped to the handle on the diaper bag. You then stay at your parents for a few hours so to totally forget where you placed your keys. Then go to leave, pick up your coat to have the keys fall into your winter hood... where you can hear them jingling but cannot find them in the diaper bag.

    Yup. And this is why I swear the girls took brain cells right out of my head for their own.

    I am so glad you found your wallet. So glad you showed Finn why when good is done you do good in return and especially glad you do not have to deal with all the yuck that comes with a lost wallet.

    I wonder if Cale's sketch or Darren and Miles' picture was seen and appreciated, perhaps, motivated taking it back?

  3. Dude. Shutup. I can't believe the good people of Walmart (has that ever been written?) returned your flashy wallet! I want to see a photo. Text me, mmmkay? Great.

  4. p.s. I hope the person behind you at Chick-fil-A didn't order like 10 meals. But even so, it would've been worth it to not have to deal with the cancelling of cards and such right before another move!

  5. I love this. So so relieved for you I almost cried too.