April 21, 2014

Feliz Easter

The first time we went to mass at the local Catholic Church here in Texas, we unknowingly went to the Korean service. We felt a bit out of place (which was our first hint that I had looked up the wrong mass time), and we left after communion, laughing about our somewhat failed attempt to be better Catholics.

Today when we showed up for the Easter service, there was standing room only and we were told that there was plenty of room in the Parish hall where the service would be broadcasted. So, we went over to the Parish hall, sat down and the service began. In Spanish.

We aren't the greatest Catholics, but at least we are fairly cultured! Instead of staying through that mass we snuck out and went back to the main church and stood in the back with the rest of the people who didn't plan accordingly.

Our Easter was very enjoyable and a little (a lot) extra special this year as Miles is back home - he just got back late Friday night. We had family pictures taken today in the Texas Bluebonnets - something I wanted to do before we moved. Mary wore a little ivory dress that was mine as a baby. I thought she looked as precious as could be. Miles said she looked like a Mennonite. But a precious one nonetheless.

Hoping everyone had an equally enjoyable day. Happy Easter!


  1. Matt and I roared with laughter through this post. As Catholics by practice we have attended our share of ... Wrong language services. Portuguese and German to be exact. Oooops.

    Lovely, beautiful family photos. Sweet Mary does not look like a Mennonite though Matt says it's iffy. I can smack him for you.

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  3. Hahahahaha. Korean and then Spanish? You're cracking me up. What a good Catholic. ;)

    Love the Blue Bonnets and a baby in a bonnet who maybe looks Mennonite. I kind of look Mennonite too because this hair on my head is like 3 feet long. I WILL be getting a haircut and donating said 3-foot long hair shortly. Just want it to be long enough and I haven't had time!

    Love that Miles is home and think you guys celebrating Feliz Easter is just hilarious.

  4. The photo of 2/3 boys is super adorable with the backdrop coordinating with Miles's shirt. Adorable.

    Mary kills me. she's so freaking cute and photogenic.

  5. Best looking Catholic-Mennonites I've seen all year ;) Love the Blue Bonnets. And if you don't find more English-speaking masses in the heart of the Bible belt then I don't know what to tell ya! Also masstimes.org has an language option...so you can stick to English or pick a new language every week for the full cultural experience ;)

    Best of luck this week, praying for you guys!