June 20, 2014

Mary's Baptism

Several months ago a friend informed me that the Priest who baptized Finn when we were living in Columbus, Georgia had been reassigned (promoted?) and was now on staff at the Cathedral in downtown Savannah. This was wonderful news to me and I contacted him to see if he would be able to baptize Mary as well. After sending off some paperwork, we were able to schedule her baptism before even leaving Texas.

We wanted her baptism to be the same weekend as Finn's third birthday to really sucker the grandparents in to coming (though I don't think it took much convincing), however, when scheduling it I did not realize it would also fall on Father's Day. But this ended up being special in that both my dad and Miles' dad were with us this Father's Day.

Miles and I decided to ask our dear friend Danielle to be Mary's Godmother. She is literally one of the kindest people we know and will make a great mentor and role model for Mary. Danielle was Miles' classmate at West Point and coincidentally enough was also his kindergarten classmate - what a small world!

For the baptism Mary wore the same dress I was baptized in, which my mom sewed. This was special to me for not only that connection to my daughter, but also because Finn was baptized in the gown that Miles wore for his baptism (which, according to his mother he screamed though the entirety of. I somehow am not surprised).

Mary, unlike her father, could not have been better behaved. She was calm and happy and did not have a blowout in the beautiful gown, but would save that for much later that day - thank you, Jesus!


  1. Mary in the bottom left pic looks just like Finn with her wet hair! So sweet this day was with all the little connections, family and friends

    Congratulations Mary <3

  2. What a beautiful day! I love that she was able to wear your gown. Stunning.

  3. Beautiful day <3 Love the gown and the sweet girl!

  4. What a story! Or stories, rather. I love the pictures of your beautiful family and sweet baby girl. How cool is that to have both Finn and Mary baptized by the same priest? Glad she saved the blowout for later. In her after baptism party dress, one can only assume.

    Fun tidbit I can't remember if I shared. On Father's Day this year (6/15/14), we "celebrated" (not really) the day we got engaged seven years ago. Fun, huh? Not only was it Father's Day for Elliot, but the day he proposed to me. :) Not to monopolize your post, as I'm so excited your fam was able to be together on this day and celebrate fatherhood and the beautiful girl who made Miles a father for the third time.

  5. She is the sweetest. Welcome "home," baby girl :)