June 13, 2014

Finley Turns Three

Today our little boy turned three years old. On some days he is equal parts sassy as he is sweet, but most days the sweetness wins out. Listening can be really hard for three year old Finn, and time outs happen almost every day (sometimes multiple times a day). He sits at the bottoms of the stairs until "I'm ready to listen, Mama" (or until mama is ready to let him out of time out). If he wants to do something all by himself, don't do it for him and not expect some backlash. But on the other hand, if he needs help he is good about asking (sometimes whining) for help. Kiddie utensils are a thing of the past as he wants to eat with a big fork "like Carson" (his cousin who also eats with a big fork). He can now completely dress and undress himself and seems to finally (knock on wood) be the one to continually initiate when he needs to go potty and go without any prompting.

He loves his Daddy something fierce and often tells me that "dadda not want to go to work" which translates to "I don't want daddy to go to work," and when I say that Daddy has to go, he proceeds to tell me that he then wants to go to work, as well.

He builds a forts around/near/over Mary most days and likes to snuggle up to her at least a few times a day. He still gets an A+ in the big brother department and when Mary is crying or fussy he will go over and say, "don't be sad Mary, it's ok." He also will play with his toys near her (or jump on/off the couch near her) which delights her very much. When she laughs at him he says, "Mary thinks I'm funny," and often calls himself "silly" when he is in fact being very silly.

He wears 18-24 months shorts and 2T-3T shirts. He weighs in at a whooping (sarcasm) 26 pounds, but what he lacks in height he more than makes up for in cuteness.

He loves water - loves to play at the beach, go swimming, or play at the splash pad. Even bath time is still very fun for him.

His imagination is expanding which is probably my favorite part of this age. He will stir some toy nuts and bolts in a pot and tell me that he cooked eggs for me, or hand me a wood-chip from the playground and tell me it's a cheeseburger. He likes to put a blanket over his head and ask "where did me go?" despite my constant correction of, "where did I go?" He will also put the blanket over our heads and tell us to be a ghost, and loves it when the ghost tickles him.

He is adamant that he does not want to be a pilot or a scuba diver when he grows up, but does want to ride in a garbage truck or be a Soldier like Dadda.

He still loves books and could sit and be read to all day. His favorites now (still) are anything digger/construction themed and Curious George.
Speaking of diggers - the love affair continues, and today for his birthday, per his request, I made a cake with a digger on it.

He is a joy and a handful - sometimes at the same time. He's our little and our big brother and we cannot imagine the last three years without him.

Happy Third Birthday, Finn - We love you as much as you love diggers. And then some.



  1. Loved reading every detail. He's my favorite digger-loving little-big brother ever. Hope it was a happy, happy day sweet boy!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Finn! I agree with your 'not listening' phase, I struggle with Kinley with that daily as well. I really like your technique of time out until Finn tells you he's ready to listen - definitely going to try that out! Also, Kinley is obsessed with Curious George as well! Books and the show - there are like 5 seasons on Netflix :) Love your blog and love to you all! (My sister is stationed in Savannah and when I come visit I'll have to see you!)

  3. Happy Birthday Finn!! Cute cake!!

  4. Adorable! Happy Birthday, Finn and Happy Father's Day, Miles!

  5. We love you as much as you love diggers. <3 How totally sweet. I loved reading every detail, too. We are delighted to celebrate you, sweet Finley. But rethink that soldier thing, Mmmmkay?

  6. Such a sweet post. I loved all the details, they'll be a treasure when he's older and moved past them...things you think you'll remember, but don't. He's such a cutie pie. You did an awesome job on his cake too. Hope he had a super day!

  7. Finn at 3 is soooo cute. The digger love affair is adorable and I love that he loves something so much. His heart is big, and right now it belongs to a digger... but he will one day be such an awesome friend, boyfriend, husband and father. So cheesy of me... but he's just he sweetest.

    I love that he's such a sweet big brother. Melts my heart.

    Love that kid!