August 24, 2014

From the Mouth of Finn

Three has been a fun age for the conversation aspect. This age can be very trying at times, but I do love being able to not only communicate with Finn, but to actually have conversations with him as well and listen to the silly and adorable and often insightful things that come out of his mouth. Here are a few of the ones I've kept a note of:

As I'm buckling him in the car after I worked out at the park:
Finn: Thank you for exercising, Mama.
Me: Oh, Finn. You are your father's son.

As I'm holding him up to pee (in a bathroom without a stool for him to stand on), he farts on my leg!
Finn (laughing): Did I fart on you?
Me: You sure did.
Finn: Dats funny

After a long drive (part of my last rode trip), I'm unloading the car and Mary's crying:
Finn: Mama, Mary's losing it

Upon seeing a small digger on the side of the highway:
Finn: A digger!
Me: yeah, buddy. That's just a baby digger huh?
Finn: It is. It will grow bigger.

Sitting down to eat dinner, totally unprotected:
Finn: Thank You for making dinner for me, mommy.

When making a right turn while driving, I hit the curb:
Finn: What was dat?!
Me: oh, mommy hit the curb with her tire.
Finn: You shouldn't do dat, it's bery bad.

While staying at a hotel last weekend, Captain America was on TV and had just undergone the experiment turning him in to Captain America:
Finn: who's dat?
Miles: That's Captain America, he has big muscles now.
Finn: Dats Captain America. He has big muscles like Mama.
(He did say later that Captain America also had big muscles like Daddy, but I was thrilled (and shocked) when he said Mama. My brilliant boy.)

Finn: Dadda, wanna pick me up?
Miles: Sure, I'll pick you up for a little bit, bud.
Finn (to me): Mama, Dadda wanna pick me up for A LOT!



  1. He's adorable! I love that he thinks the baby digger will get bigger! <3
    And nice muscles. I saw pictures ;)

    Grace farts on me/around me all the time. she always giggles and it slays me. I hate farting, but hers? cute!

  2. Muscles like mama! I love it. He's so cute.

  3. Did I fart on you!? The funniest thing I've heard all day!! I lol'd big time at that little scene you painted. Ha!!

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall around mr Finley. Adorable. "Mary's losing it" ha!!

  4. Did my comment not show up? Google, you're pissing me off.

    1. Well apparently it didn't. GRUMBLE.

      I love the one about Mary losing it! Hah. Of course because that's what Benjamin is probably thinking (but in 2.5yo language it's more like the boring ol' "Mama, Claire crying").

      I love these and hope you do this more often. I also think it's fab that he compliments YOUR muscles. Take that, Miles!

  5. Ugghh google ate my comment too!!! Here it is again:

    These are all so adorable! Love the ones about Mary losing it and about him farting- what is it with kiddos and announcing when they fart? Mase tells me this on the regular. Also yay for mama muscles! Smart boy!

  6. I can hear his little voice in these. I adore their expressions, Mary's losing it... Haha.

    I feel like I need to record more of these one liners, you have inspired me to. I know this phase of language is so fleeting.