August 3, 2014

Road Trip

A little over a week ago, Miles, the kids, and I flew to Madison, Wisconsin. The point of our visit was mainly to attend the Hidalgo/Warner Memorial Golf Outing, but was also a way for me to pick up a new car (for Miles) and drive it home. I'll share more of the golf outing after I've downloaded more pictures, but it was a really special event and I'm so glad we were able to attend this year.

While in Wisconsin, it was so nice to get to spend some times with Miles' side of the family. His sister's family lives nearby and his brother Jared and his family (who live in Texas) also were able to come up for the weekend so it was really fun seeing the cousins reunited. They seemed to pick up right where they left off! We packed a lot in our short trip; getting a new car, a visit to downtown Madison and the farmer's market, trip to the Zoo, a Brewer's game, children's museum, haircut from Aunt Jenny, and of course the obligatory eating of cheese curds and butter burgers. We also managed to see a digger. Because of course.

After the weekend was over Miles had to fly home to return to work so I took my time driving back by breaking up the drive and visiting several friends along the way home. Our first stop was just outside of Chicago to visit my friend Brandy and her family. Brandy hosted the baby loss get together last summer. At the time of that wonderful trip both she and I were newly pregnant with our third child. Brandy lost her first son, Andrew, in a near identical fashion to how we lost Cale and like us went on to have another boy and then a girl. Mary and baby Claire are one month a part and it was so special to see these two lovely girls together as well as get to see their older bothers interact.

After Chicago we drove down to St. Louis to visit with another dear baby loss friend, Brooke. Brooke is due ANY DAY with her third baby (her first, Eliza, also lost to stillbirth) and I was kinda hoping she would go into labor while I was there! No such luck, but I did get to feel little Rerun kick and move in mama's belly and will treasure that memory. Finn and Brooke's daughter Caroline had a lot of fun at the parks we went to, but seemed to play alongside one another more than with each other, probably due to their one year age gap, but they were still pretty stinking cute together.

After St. Louis we drove a little over four hours to Clarksville, TN but just for a dinner with some friends and to let Finn burn off some energy for a couple hours. I then loaded the kids back in the car at their bed time and drove five hours to Atlanta, arriving at 2am local time. It was a long day in the car, but the last stretch was nice because the kids slept the entire time. My sister is in Atlanta for work so we were able to crash in her hotel room where the kids slept in until 9:30 allowing me to get some decent(ish) sleep. After a late breakfast we were back on the road for the last three and a half hour stretch home. All told it was 1,268 miles and while I am very pleased (and a little surprised) with how well the kids did, I'm definitely in no hurry to make another road trip anytime soon. Despite the happy faces, I don't think they are either!



  1. What's Miles doing in that top pic? Very busy!

    And what baby is Brooke holding in that middle picture?

    I'm so nosy!

  2. Um, I'm still not sure why you didn't jaunt several hours out of your way to meet up with us? ha!
    Super cute photos and I love that you got to break up the trip home with some little visits peppered in there.

    Those last two pictures of the kiddos- SOOOO cute. :) You make beautiful babies my friend!

  3. Blogger is eating my comments, ugh. But so awesome that you packed so many great memories into such a crazy trip!
    The picture of you & Brandy on the bench seems especially empty after reading about how similar your families are...but so so special to see all of those rainbow babies loving life together!

  4. Love all the pics! When is the Texas roadtrip??? Lol! You guys do so great on the road.