August 31, 2014

Happy Dreams

Bedtime is one of my favorite times of the day, as it probably is for most parents. I don't mean that just because the kids go to sleep and we get some peace and quiet (though some days that's exactly why it's my favorite), but also because I love the little routine we have and I love snuggling with both babes before they drift off to sleep.

Last week was Finn's first week sleeping without the railing on his big boy bed. He's done great and we haven't heard any loud thuds in the middle of the night, so hopefully he will continue to be fine without it. As you can see in the picture below, we put a pillow on the edge of the nightstand just in case, but I don't think he's a big mover in his sleep as he is usually still right in the middle of the bed after nap and in the morning.

Our bedtime routine usually starts around 7:45. Bath night is every other night, and the goal is to have the kids in bed right around 8pm. Sometimes Mary goes to bed a little earlier and Finn a little later, but it's usually somewhere in that ballpark.

Each night Finn picks out one or two books and one of us (usually Miles) lays in bed and reads to him. Mary occasionally joins in on story time.

But she usually is too tired and hungry to have any patience for stories. So our normal routine consists of me feeding Mary in the nursery while Miles reads to Finn. I rock with Mary for a little bit and sing her "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" before I put her down for the night. She is still wrapped in a swaddle wrap, we just leave her hands free. Once I've put her to bed, I go in and join Finn and Miles who are usually close to done with reading by that point.

Lately, Finn wants us to both get in bed with him and snuggle, so we happily oblige. After we've finished stories, we say goodnight to whatever random toy Finn wants to say goodnight to, "goodnight cement mixer, goodnight long train" and then we snuggle and say our own goodnights. Finn is still very much a daddy's boy, but he always requests to "snuggle with Mama" right before he goes to sleep which makes my heart a big puddle of mush.

 I say the same thing to both kids, "goodnight, I love you. Happy dreams," and then close the door - thankful for the precious kiddos I get to put to bed each night. . . .and for the peace and quiet.


  1. Oh I love this post. Bedtime is such a beautiful time of day. I love the routine of it and that no matter how the day went, it is a loving and soft time together.

    Lillian goes to bed between 630 and 7. *cue the gasp* she simply cannot function on less than 12 hours at night and she is awake at 645 each and every morning. I wouldn't mind it being later so going out for dinner to friends etc would be easier but this is her and has been since about four months old.

  2. Bedtime is chaos for me! We have a routine and it's fairly fluid and all, but for some reason it gets me flustered.

    I love all these pictures of bedtime with you guys. It's so sweet. That lovely Finn. xo. Hooray for no bedrail. Pretty sure we will have a bedrail here until he's 15. Hahaha.

  3. Yep, a favorite for pretty much every parent ever. I'm with Brandy, even though we have a solid routine it's always torture. For everyone involved. Haha. We too, will also have a bed rail until college. That kids wiggles more than a worm!

    Love those sweet pictures!

  4. Love hearing about your routine with those sweet kids. They're going to have such happy memories.