January 15, 2015

Cheesy Church Pictures

A couple months ago our church had a sign up for directory pictures. Miles would not be home when the pictures were taken (something very low on the list of things he's bummed to miss out on I'm sure), but I decided I would take them with the kids as at the very least, it's a free picture (you get a free 8x11 copy of the picture they use for the directory).

Growing up we had the annual Olan Mills Church pictures that were sometimes nice, sometimes cheesy, so I didn't go in to this expecting much. In fact, I was running late and threw the kids in some random clothes that were picked out minutes before we had to leave. Mary had nothing to match Finn - the monogrammed shirt she wore had pink stitching, but I put her in orange leggings for some strange reason (probably because I was running late), Finn needed a haircut, or at the very least a comb through his hair, so WHATEVER, we were all a little bit of a hot mess, but that really only contributed to the overall comical result that ensued.

So this is the picture they are using for the directory. Which isn't horrible, but it's certainly not going up in the house (we don't need my forehead vein on display). There were two ladies taking the pictures. One who was pretending to scare Finn (as seen in his expression) the other who was clearly not doing a good job amusing Meatball. I love her expression because I suspect it's similar to what Miles' would have been - one of, "I am not partaking in this nonsense."

Then they took this picture which is borderline cute, but the kids are looking one place, I'm looking the other, and again - why couldn't Finn's mom comb his hair!?

Then they started to get a little corny. They wanted me to lay on the ground and put the kids on my back! I didn't have the heart to say, "there's no way I'll buy this picture" and fortunately Mary started crying anyway, so they gave up on that, but eventually tried putting Mary on Finn's back. I think this picture BEGS to be recreated in 30 years. So really, you're welcome Finn and Mary for the opportunity.

They somehow managed to talk me in to purchasing the two with black backgrounds and I even put the above one up in the house as it just cracks me up. And they aren't old enough to be embarrassed yet.


  1. I LOOOOOVE THEM! And yes--a yearly reenactment of Mary straddling Finn's back every year for the next 30 years AT Olan Mills would be the best.

  2. These are awesome!! I'm sitting in the lobby of the dr's office right now crackin up!! I love you, hidalgos!! ;)

  3. Oh I love it! The last one is pure cheesy goodness. Adorable!

  4. Lol these are awesome! And they totally must recreate this in 2045- omg I can't even believe I just typed that year!!! Haha!

  5. hahahahaha. hahaha. I love this. You're awesome.

  6. I love the idea of recreating the "on the back" shot in 30 years. Too funny. And Mary's disinterest in the first one is priceless.

  7. How did I not comment on this??? Hahahahahahaha. I love these!!! I'm totally cheesy and I love it!! I checked out that replica link too...and LOL, tell Finn and Mary they HAVE to do it.

    I seriously love these. I hope you printed the last one in an 8x10 and smile every.day!