January 9, 2015

More Monthly Mary!

Ok, so I went a little overboard with the monthly pictures. But people always say you don't take as many pictures of the second baby, and I had to prove that wrong since Mary isn't my second baby. It just always rubs me the wrong way when I hear that since numbering babies is complicated. I know what they mean though - with a subsequent child, you don't take as many pictures or document as much. I know this to be true as I'm the third child and when I was home last my sister and I looked through our baby books. Or should I say we looked through my brother and sister's baby book and read the one sentence in mine! And there definitely are areas I have slacked for Mary and didn't for Finn, so I don't give my mom too much of a hard time over it all. But nonetheless, these little monthly pictures were just really important to me.

Aside for the rainbow leggings, I wanted to take pictures on a quilt Mary was given as I plan to frame the collage of her monthly pictures and hang in her nursery since the quilt matches her decor. Putting this together makes me wish I took them all at the same time of day, or knew how to take good pictures in manual mode. but it was tricky because not all the walls are the same - these pictures are from three different houses, so I had to match the backdrop as best I could.

I also went overboard on ordering different baby legs, so had to take those monthly pictures as well. Some of her leggings coordinated with holidays that month, otherwise I just put her in a pair I thought was cute. That's it - I cut myself off at three monthly pictures as that was hard enough to keep up with!



  1. She is the best! Every time I think I like one color best on her I see another one that I love! So the rainbow theme suits her perfectly :)

    I think the number of pictures I've take of each kid is inversely proportional to the rule...but I think it has a little something to do with technological developments and the level I was addicted to my phone...thousands of pictures now but not one of them has an actual baby book yet. Fail.

  2. I love these pictures.

    I have taken barely any monthly photos for Piper. But I have thousands of random ones on my laptop. ha!

  3. I need to see her! These are great, Caroline!!

  4. I commend you for taking (MULTIPLE!!) monthly pix of Mary!!

    They are so cute!!

    I too know what you mean about wishing you somehow knew how to use the DSLR to take pictures to get the same light settings in all environments. But I think one might need an external flash. My sister is getting into photography and is starting her own little business out where she lives, and one tip she gave me as her #1 quick fix to taking good pix is an external flash. It gives everything the look of perfect light. I took monthly pix of The in the first year on that chair, and the first 8 were done with my Olympus pocket camera (still good, but nothing compared to a DSLR)... so getting 4x4s done and framed and collaged don't quite look the way I wished they had. Now that I've continued his monthly shots on the chair during his second year, I have a bit more of the unification I was looking for... but again, time of day really sets the light for the picture and takes away from the growing boy as the feature.

    All that ramble being said, I think your monthly shots look AMAZING and cute. Mary is precious. And I love the bunting and the quilt. The prints you described will be so charming in her room xo

  5. How'd ya get her to not touch that sign? Basically impossible over here. I love the theme of keeping them all with similar backgrounds and well... I love her.

  6. She's so, so cute. And round, like my girls were.

    I have a speedlight, which is really, really great for indoor shots where a normal flash blinds the subject and the rest of the background is dark.

    I love her 11 month wave!

  7. Oh she's just so yummy :) Love all her monthly pics! I think you did a great job and they are gonna look great printed and hanging in her nursery. Especially the ones that match that gorgeous quilt! Also baby legs are so awesome! Super cute!

  8. Also obsessed with BabyLegs! These pictures are adorable!!

  9. I LOVE these. You are inspiring me to be consistent in how I do our monthly shots... must think about that and get prepared as it is coming up (really hard to believe).